Author Topic: ban req  (Read 57 times)

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ban req
« on: June 08, 2021, 00:54 »
game ruin(dying in purpose,feeding with couriers,buying wards and plating them at fountain)
he wanted to go mid when i said i was going first and then we stayed tog for a while untill we manage to kick him.
03:38   ljubasandr0   [Allies]   u will losee
03:44   ljubasandr0   [Allies]   u will see
04:50      [All]   [tugun]eakbas killed ljubasandr0
07:28      [All]   [tugun]eakbas killed ljubasandr0
08:37      [All]   [tugun]The Scourge killed ljubasandr0's courier
08:45      [All]   [tugun]Songergedan killed ljubasandr0
10:00      [All]   [tugun]eakbas killed ljubasandr0;sa=game;gid=6393223

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Re: ban req
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2021, 13:11 »
Added ban on ljubasandr0 in game SD FOR ALL #4. Warn points: 3. Duration: 5 days.
Public description: Game Ruining .

+ wasted the wards and feeded

@dumb0 you wouldn't let that happens if u give him mid ^^

Really take some time to think about why you did what you did so you can begin to move on. Apologize and explain. If your decision hurt anyone else, the best thing you can do is apologize and explain. Don't offer excuses or try to play down the situation in any way.
Is it good to say sorry?  "I'm sorry" fixes everything right away, it might take a while for realize what you did