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Complain about Report
« on: February 11, 2021, 01:58 »
This topic was closed due consideration :,199031.0.html
In this i was reported for national intolerance and family related flame but it doesnt seem like a proper request, translation was awfull , ironicaly i called this player an uneducated gipsy , then he continued to mess up translation , proving that he is uneducated. (?)

This is the personal message sent by Me to The player who Reported me, it has higher quality of flaming , and i will try to provide a better translation.
Ne umes ni da prevedes sa Srpskog na Engleski a cudis se sto te zovem neobrazovanim ciganinom, ustvari cigansturom.
Jadna ta jadnica koja te je rodila takvog, i jadan ti taj tvoj zivot mucenicki i bedni, nadam se samo da ces umreti mlad , da ne moras da se mucis ko ti ostali cigani sto zive u toj "drzavi".
I ne bi ti jebao majku cisto da znas , imam malo vise standarde, ne bih prljao kurac.
~ You are unable to translate from Serbian to English, and u wonder why i called you an uneducated gipsy, a pike actually.
I pitty the woman who gave birth to you, and feel sorry for your miserable life , i only hope that you will die young ,so that you dont have to suffer living in that
And i wouldnt fuck your mother,i wanted you to know that, since i have higher standards, i wouldnt stain my dick with her ~

` @Deathstrokee , this is how you should translate it you uneducated Makedonian son of a whore.
I did insult this filthy pig, and i insulted him well, i just wanted to make sure its said nicely and properly, and in proper format.
` @ksv i accept the penalty for breaking the rules , but this complaint had to be made properly.
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