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Ban xiao_N
« on: November 11, 2020, 03:38 »
1: Your NickName?
2: NickName of the player that you want to be banned?
3: What rule did he/they break?
family related flame / command abuse !votekick / admin pretending - threatening in chat and through whispers / game ruining refusing to play with team
4: When was the Rule Broken?
10:14    xiao_N    [All]    gg noob kill me :D
15:25    xiao_N    [Allies]    its gg
15:26    xiao_N    [Allies]    game
15:28    xiao_N    [Allies]    low team
15:36    mordor91    [Allies]    you failed mid?
15:36    xiao_N    [Allies]    !sd wiz
15:41    xiao_N    [Allies]    i was 2-0 mid
15:43    xiao_N    [Allies]    and they start gank
15:47    xiao_N    [Allies]    and u make phase on bara dumb
15:55    xiao_N    [All]    i rape noob slark mid and lose :D
16:15    mordor91    [Allies]    dude admit it
16:20    xiao_N    [Allies]    stfu lower
16:20    mordor91    [Allies]    you are too low for this game
16:22    xiao_N    [Allies]    what to admit ?
16:23    xiao_N    [Allies]    u banned
16:24    xiao_N    [Allies]    for sure

16:25    xiao_N    [Allies]    !ignore mor
16:36    mordor91    [Allies]    -mute 7
28:59    xiao_N    [Allies]    ccc
28:59    xiao_N    [Allies]    retard
29:01    xiao_N    [Allies]    perma banned
32:43    xiao_N    [Allies]    !votekick mor
32:43       [All]    [xiao_N] voted to kick [mordor91] [1/7]

37:33    ^Less_Apaches^    [Allies]    svu trojicu da pobijemo
37:35    ^Less_Apaches^    [Allies]    samo bezis / why not come to kill all 3 of them and instead only run away each time
37:35    xiao_N    [Allies]    xD
37:37    xiao_N    [Allies]    idi ti sam / go alone and die
37:38    ^Less_Apaches^    [Allies]    smej se
37:43    ^Less_Apaches^    [Allies]    uzivaj / go laugh and enjoy
37:43    xiao_N    [Allies]    celi game
37:44    xiao_N    [Allies]    te cekam
37:46    xiao_N    [Allies]    ulty da pustis / entire game no ulti from you and no help from me
37:50    ^Less_Apaches^    [Allies]    nen uzivaj
37:51    ^Less_Apaches^    [Allies]    lagano
37:54    ^Less_Apaches^    [Allies]    nikakav problem / enjoy no problem
37:57    xiao_N    [Allies]    boli me kur
37:57    xiao_N    [Allies]    za igru
37:59    xiao_N    [Allies]    razbiras / don't give a fuck for game you got it
38:01    ^Less_Apaches^    [Allies]    vazi
38:03    ^Less_Apaches^    [Allies]    uzivaj / ok enjoy
38:06    xiao_N    [Allies]    kada nemate pojmu
38:07    xiao_N    [Allies]    farmate celi game
38:13    xiao_N    [Allies]    mars / you don't know how to play, all game all of you only farm
38:15    mordor91    [Allies]    boli njega kurac od pocetka / xiao is not giving a fuck since start
38:15    xiao_N    [Allies]    !Ignore les
41:42    xiao_N    [Allies]    !votekick les
41:42       [All]    [xiao_N] voted to kick [^Less_Apaches^] [1/7]
41:54    xiao_N    [Allies]    monkey leave pls
41:54    mordor91    [Allies]    !f
41:54    xiao_N    [Allies]    retard
42:01       [All]    [wizzards]Svetaizvorac destroyed the bottom level 2 Scourge tower
42:05    mordor91    [Allies]    i sto si mu pa sad ti kriv?
42:11    mordor91    [Allies]    znaci otisao na mid / and why now its your fault Enigma because he went mid and died
42:20       [All]    [wizzards]SIerapa destroyed the bottom level 3 Scourge tower
42:27    xiao_N    [Allies]    monkey banned for sure
42:29    xiao_N    [Allies]    trust me pls
42:29       [All]    [wizzards]wizzards destroyed the bottom Scourge ranged rax
42:29    xiao_N    [Allies]    we leave
42:30    mordor91    [Allies]    nista korisno nije odradio celu igru.. / xiao did nothing useful for our team since start
42:47    _ScymeX_    [Allies]    brate preku kurac sa vasim banovima / dude over my dick with xiao bans - xiao using whispers again for threatening as admin
42:50    _ScymeX_    [Allies]    prvo ides
42:50    xiao_N    [Allies]    banned si / you are banned
42:51    _ScymeX_    [Allies]    sam pogines / first you are dying solo
42:52    xiao_N    [Allies]    mater da ti ebam fuck your mother
42:56    xiao_N    [Allies]    gubimo lane
42:57    xiao_N    [Allies]    a ti farmas ?
42:58    _ScymeX_    [Allies]    drugi su ti vinovne
42:58    xiao_N    [Allies]    retare
43:01    xiao_N    [Allies]    mogao si def
43:03    xiao_N    [Allies]    dole
43:04    xiao_N    [Allies]    glupanme
43:06    _ScymeX_    [Allies]    koj lejn izgubili smo lejn
43:07    xiao_N    [Allies]    glupane
43:08    xiao_N    [Allies]    def
43:18    xiao_N    [Allies]    ti ne branis
43:18    xiao_N    [Allies]    banned si
43:24    xiao_N    [Allies]    za anti game

43:31    xiao_N    [Allies]    lane je bio full
43:33    xiao_N    [Allies]    ti push top
50:48       [All]    [wizzards]xiao_N destroyed the top level 3 Sentinel tower
50:53       [All]    [wizzards]xiao_N destroyed the top Sentinel ranged rax
50:55    mordor91    [Allies]    kao i uvek / as always 4 of us play together and only furion is doing his stuff
50:59    grunt_Machine    [Allies]    mid
51:00    grunt_Machine    [Allies]    push
51:01       [All]    [wizzards]SIerapa destroyed the mid level 3 Scourge tower
51:06    grunt_Machine    [Allies]    push
51:07       [All]    [wizzards]wizzards destroyed the mid Scourge melee rax
51:15    _ScymeX_    [Allies]    i posle jas sam banovan / and after all he will ban me for something
51:16    _ScymeX_    [Allies]    haha
51:16       [All]    [wizzards]Svetaizvorac destroyed the mid Scourge ranged rax
51:17       [All]    [wizzards]xiao_N killed wizzards
51:19    mordor91    [Allies]    !votekick xiao / refusing to defend base, farming creeps around the map
51:19       [All]    [mordor91] voted to kick [xiao_N] [1/7]
53:08    xiao_N    [Allies]    !votekick less
53:08       [All]    [xiao_N] voted to kick [^Less_Apaches^] [1/7]

53:35    xiao_N    [Allies]    all game solo
53:36    xiao_N    [Allies]    wp items
53:39    mordor91    [Allies]    kad jebeni majmun ode mid i upropasti celu igru / when fucking monkey gets mid and ruin entire game
53:50    _ScymeX_    [Allies]    i meni kaze
53:55    _ScymeX_    [Allies]    da ja sam je propao haha / yes and he then tells me I am bad
54:02    xiao_N    [All]    decent team i have
54:05    xiao_N    [All]    i rape mid slark nad lose
54:06    _ScymeX_    [Allies]    a sjebo 2 strane zbog njega
54:08    _ScymeX_    [Allies]    smo izgubili / and we lost 2 sides because of him when he was farming and refusing to help
5: Explain to us your general vision about the situation.
Our team had nice start, half of game was our but Furion was searching for conflicts. He was threatening me as admin with ban after game and he used whispers to spam, this is disturbing and annoying and you can see he was spamming chat entire game, luckily for me he was in -mute mode. It is disturbing when someone is threatening like that. Later he was threatening other teammates as well, he used votekick command to kick us without any single reason since all 4 of us was playing together. In crucial moments Furion refused to defend base bottom and middle lines, it often happened he was just behind us and ready to help in team fight, but instead Furion always moved back, teleported randomly on sides to farm creeps, once when they were destroying our middle towers and racks he left team fight and tried to push sentinel top level3 tower, unlucky we he tried to destroy wrong rack and left tower on maybe 20%hp, 3-4 hits to destroy. That happened in crucial moments when we had full balance 4 of us died and 3 or 4 of them survived on low hp. This game was without our mid player who was full of himself and who was in the game to search for conflicts and not to play the game.
6: Link of the game? (if applies);sa=game;gid=6336012

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Re: Ban xiao_N
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2020, 04:01 »
I just found the game from few days ago and screenshot from that game. The same player and the same thing, conflict with everyone in team, refusing to play with team. Threatening with ban whispers.

04:07       [All]    [NightMar3-^]NightMar3-^ killed xiao_N
04:20    xiao_N    [All]    gg noob kill me :D
05:12    mordor91    [Allies]    i can rape that noob on mid if you want
05:19    xiao_N    [Allies]    !sd mor
05:20    xiao_N    [Allies]    xD
05:26    xiao_N    [Allies]    ez for me 2
05:38    xiao_N    [Allies]    he just got luck 1 time
05:48       [All]    [NightMar3-^]NightMar3-^ killed Sandro_Max
05:56       [All]    [YamacKocovali]YamacKocovali killed mordor91
06:05    Sandro_Max    [Allies]    nicxe ss mid
06:05    xiao_N    [Allies]    chat
06:10    mordor91    [Allies]    he made 3 kills
06:15    xiao_N    [Allies]    chat
06:38    xiao_N    [Allies]    cc np banned
06:52    xiao_N    [Allies]    ss
08:32    xiao_N    [Allies]    free kill ccc
08:34    xiao_N    [Allies]    perma banned
08:34    mordor91    [Allies]    stfu noob
08:35    xiao_N    [Allies]    trust me pls
11:40    xiao_N    [Allies]    i rape mid
11:41    xiao_N    [Allies]    and u nerub
11:42    xiao_N    [Allies]    banned

11:46    xiao_N    [Allies]    for ruin m
11:47    xiao_N    [Allies]    my game mid
11:49    xiao_N    [Allies]    !Ignore mor
13:42    xiao_N    [Allies]    !votekick nig
13:42       [All]    [xiao_N] voted to kick [NightMar3-^] [1/7]
13:42       [All]    Type !yes to vote.
13:43    xiao_N    [All]    joke :D
13:54    xiao_N    [All]    pls dont ban me hahah joke :D
31:01    xiao_N    [Allies]    save me DUMB TUSKAR
31:02    Sandro_Max    [Allies]    gj solo trax
31:04    mordor91    [Allies]    can we kick trax?
31:08    Rambokasa    [Allies]    dumb tuskar really ?
31:11    Sandro_Max    [Allies]    trax fuckin solo
31:11    mordor91    [All]    trax is fucking us all the time
31:12    xiao_N    [All]    tuskar didnt cast
31:13    xiao_N    [All]    pipe
31:18    xiao_N    [All]    DIDNT SAVBE ME
31:19    xiao_N    [All]    what a idiot
31:32    mordor91    [Allies]    !votekick xiao
31:32       [All]    [mordor91] voted to kick [xiao_N] [1/7]
31:33    Sandro_Max    [Allies]    shh traxx u solo all the game
31:36    Rambokasa    [Allies]    they are all and you go farm
31:40    xiao_N    [Allies]    u can save me
31:40    mordor91    [Allies]    not that
31:41    xiao_N    [Allies]    idiot
31:42    xiao_N    [Allies]    with pipe
31:43    xiao_N    [Allies]    and ball
31:47    xiao_N    [Allies]    but u so stupid DUMB
31:53    xiao_N    [Allies]    you have pipe and didnt cast it
31:55    mordor91    [Allies]    we lost all towers and he never defend
31:57    xiao_N    [Allies]    why u make it then ?
32:15    mordor91    [Allies]    sentry
32:15    xiao_N    [Allies]    i kill them on 3 hits
37:24    xiao_N    [Allies]    !votekick mor
38:10    RedPanicKaterna    [Allies]    what
38:11    RedPanicKaterna    [Allies]    moron
38:15    RedPanicKaterna    [Allies]    stupid
38:16    RedPanicKaterna    [Allies]    fucktard
38:18    xiao_N    [Allies]    stfu retard
38:18    xiao_N    [Allies]    idiot
38:20    xiao_N    [Allies]    didnt
38:22    xiao_N    [Allies]    come to stun them
38:24    xiao_N    [Allies]    moron shit
38:28    xiao_N    [Allies]    40 min game
38:32    xiao_N    [Allies]    dagger and echo sabre
38:34    xiao_N    [Allies]    perma banned idiot
38:35    xiao_N    [Allies]    feeder
39:28    RedPanicKaterna    [Allies]    !ignore xia
39:30    RedPanicKaterna    [Allies]    -c
39:34    RedPanicKaterna    [Allies]    ultra
39:35    RedPanicKaterna    [Allies]    stupid;sa=game;gid=6332549

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Re: Ban xiao_N
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2020, 04:38 »
Every game he does his shit, realy disturbing, entire team atmosphere is ruined because of him, check random games he plays, almost every game is like that

38:04    KataKurvarka    [Allies]    !votekick xiao
38:04       [All]    [KataKurvarka] voted to kick [xiao_N] [1/7]
38:10    xiao_N    [Allies]    pudge talk to me
38:11    xiao_N    [Allies]    hahahahah
38:15    xiao_N    [Allies]    !ignore kat
38:16    xiao_N    [Allies]    -c
38:17    Always^Late    [Allies]    !yes
38:17       [All]    [Always^Late] voted to kick [xiao_N] [2/8]
38:21    xiao_N    [Allies]    es banned
38:22    Always^Late    [Allies]    now u just fuckin ruin
38:25    ghe    [Allies]    get that shit
38:26    xiao_N    [Allies]    for sure
38:28    Always^Late    [Allies]    blabla
38:32    Always^Late    [Allies]    u shit is baned
38:33    xiao_N    [Allies]    ofc
38:34    Always^Late    [Allies]    for game ruin
38:46    xiao_N    [Allies]    ez banned
38:49    Always^Late    [Allies]    !ignore xiao
38:55    Always^Late    [Allies]    go ban me zero
38:58    Always^Late    [Allies]    first learn to play;sa=game;gid=6336020

14:30    xiao_N    [All]    i want ancient and naix lose
14:30    xiao_N    [All]    go win
14:35    NewDimension    [All]    xd
14:36    Obidzuko    [Allies]    !ignore xia
15:51    xiao_N    [Allies]    !votekick new
15:51       [All]    [xiao_N] voted to kick [NewDimension] [1/7]
18:57    xiao_N    [Allies]    !votekick new
18:57       [All]    [xiao_N] voted to kick [NewDimension] [1/7]
19:07    NewDimension    [Allies]    y know
19:09    NewDimension    [Allies]    last game
19:13    NewDimension    [Allies]    u looose big time
19:41    xiao_N    [Allies]    i fuck ur mother
19:45    xiao_N    [Allies]    thats why i lose last
19:48    xiao_N    [Allies]    zero shit
19:58    xiao_N    [Allies]    !ignore new
27:38    xiao_N    [Allies]    !votekick obi
27:38       [All]    [xiao_N] voted to kick [Obidzuko] [1/6]
28:54    ghe    [All]    how much can you suck your own dick man?
29:00    xiao_N    [All]    ask ur mother
29:03    xiao_N    [All]    she knows that
29:08    ghe    [All]    my mother says you can suck your dick a lot
29:15    xiao_N    [All]    she sucks well;sa=game;gid=6336025

24:38    xiao_N    [Allies]    perma banned
29:01    xiao_N    [Allies]    wish UR MOM
29:03    xiao_N    [Allies]    legion
29:05    xiao_N    [Allies]    =]
37:09    xiao_N    [Allies]    bone
37:13    xiao_N    [Allies]    u banned

37:13    xiao_N    [Allies]    retard
37:21    Oles    [Allies]    what banned
37:24    xiao_N    [Allies]    1st pick bone ?
37:27    Oles    [Allies]    ý have what
37:34    Oles    [Allies]    u have problem
37:38    xiao_N    [Allies]    last game here
37:39    xiao_N    [Allies]    !ignore ole;sa=game;gid=6334358

07:54    xiao_N    [Allies]    axe nema agro hahahahah
08:04    xiao_N    [Allies]    e ovaj ide na perma ban
08:32    sica996    [Allies]    mama ti ide na perma :D
08:35    xiao_N    [Allies]    perma
08:36    xiao_N    [Allies]    !ignore sic
10:24    xiao_N    [All]    ?
10:32    burki92    [All]    ı wıll own you all game so ıts ok
10:37    xiao_N    [All]    u are to low for me
10:38    xiao_N    [All]    dnd
10:41    burki92    [All]    lol
10:44    xiao_N    [All]    lol
10:48    xiao_N    [All]    check ur score DUMB
10:48    burki92    [Allies]    ok ı wont even mute you kıd
10:58    burki92    [All]    shhh son of a whore stfu and keep suckın
11:04    xiao_N    [All]    perma now
11:04    sica996    [All]    mute global pls
11:06    burki92    [Allies]    !ignore xi
11:10    xiao_N    [All]    !ignroe bur
24:17    xiao_N    [Allies]    see mort items
24:32    xiao_N    [Allies]    mort bannwed
24:33    xiao_N    [Allies]    banned
29:50    xiao_N    [Allies]    mort
29:51    xiao_N    [Allies]    u perma
29:52    xiao_N    [Allies]    idiot
29:53    xiao_N    [Allies]    shit
29:55    xiao_N    [Allies]    !ignorelist
29:56    dark_priest_svk    [Allies]    see idiot
30:02    dark_priest_svk    [Allies]    play solo 25 min
30:35    xiao_N    [Allies]    u banend
30:37    xiao_N    [Allies]    dont talk
35:50    xiao_N    [Allies]    !votekick svaba
35:50       [All]    [xiao_N] voted to kick [SVABA-11] [1/7];sa=game;gid=6334281

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Re: Ban xiao_N
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2020, 12:21 »
Added ban on xiao_n in game sd +1550 +1 fast #1. Warn points: 4. Duration: 1 weeks and 3 days.
Request:,198279.0.html. Public description: Family Flame/Command Abuse/Admin pretending - threatening in chat and through whispers.