Author Topic: Complain about Request  (Read 161 times)

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Complain about Request
« on: September 07, 2020, 20:33 »
1: Your ingame nickname?
2) Moderator's nickname (as in subject).
3) Why you are not happy with Moderator's decision / behavior.
Render Bad Decision
4) Forum link / Game link.,197773.0.html

If you had watched replay you could see he kept to die alone in most points

At 13:37, we warned him with both signal and at in chat but he didn't even move from same place for 15 seconds to get hooked by pudge, being noob is not exclusive when your teammates try to helping you and you ignoring their warnings

At from 16:00, he went solo top push while all enemy were missing at map again, since he had no escape skills or items and in night vision, no point to further pushing since enemy was obviously going for him

At 20:36, he could had ran from pudge instead of autoattacking since he had not enough damage to kill him but he didn't run and got catched by pudge

At 21:00, he wasted his money for buyback while he didn't and went for solo push top again while enemy were missing at map yet

At 24:05, while we all were fighting with enemy, he went top and almost killed by monkey if he had dust

At 26:40, he wandering around of map while we tried to def but instead teleport after we all got died and he rushes to death with pointless move in 25 seconds later

At 30:16, he goes solo push to down while some of enemy were missing again, i knew they could come for him so i stay in behind for help yet he didn't even attemp to back since enemy obviously would come for him after he got killed by same way, yet he died again

At 33:16, again he went solo for long time instead of stay b after several times died in same way, he would had died again if spec had dust in that point

At 34:59, he used his ulti under monkey's ultimate yet he got killed in 3 seconds

At 39:41, he doesn't buyback while he had enough money and others needed help for def top instead wasting it after 30 seconds later when he died again

Viper also was newbie and had same sd like him however he played with team and tried to his best to play but sf didn't try to play game since he went to solo pushes and kept to die alone in most of the game

There can't be such big difference between 2 players with 5/9/9 average scores, even if he was dumb he could know he would die by going solo lane when enemy missing after 20-25 minutes but he didn't care about the game or team since he kept to play in same way

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Re: Complain about Request
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2020, 13:46 »
God dam guys you love vasting time ^^. I`ll watch the replay today. Cheers

Checked the replay. Cice is just a noob player, the thing that you warned him that someone is coming to kill him, and that he should mouve, doesn\t mean that he must  obey, he just wants to kill some creeps man ^^, he doesn\t care about stats k/d ratio ecc. I understand that your wiev is taht you play to win, but there are players who just don\t care. The name of the game was AP, it was a normal game not a competition nor a pro league play. Sry man, the decision stayes unchanged.
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