Author Topic: Deer of 7.00 update ["stupid -em" patch thoughts]  (Read 382 times)

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I will be posting here some opinions about this patch, i care not what this thread will become

Lane creeps now give 70% of experience when denied by neutrals instead of 35%
Creep aggro duration reduced from 2.5 to 2.3
Changed melee creeps base XP bounty from 45 to 57
Changed range Creeps XP bounty from 90 to 69

Reduced melee creep gold bounty upgrade from 2 gold per cycle to 1
Increased ranged creep gold bounty upgrade from 2 gold per cycle to 6
Ranged Creep base gold bounty increased from 42-48 to 48-58.

Those changes are increasing importance of creep management (actually, i also expected player-denied creep to provide 0 experience in this patch, but whatever, still cool)
Experience gain from a creepwave in total is increased, so it is possible now to totally outlevel enemies on your lane by properly managing it
Aggro duration is reduced a bit, which can result in more intensive aggrospam in order to pull creepwave to desired spot
Probably, creepwave updates are most lovely in the whole patch

Siege damage type vs structures increased from 150% to 250%
Siege creeps HP increased from 550 to 875
Siege creeps BAT increased from 2.7 to 3.0
Siege creeps spawn rate reduced from every 7th wave to every 10th wave
Cool, now players should not just waste the fact of having Siege creep on the lane once per 10 minutes!
It is way stronger now and can lead to destroyment of tier1 tower if managed properly
Combine it with awesome buffs of neutral creeps (at least, those buffs with decreased manacost from 100 to 50) and build your effective ways to push enemy base from very early

Destroying ranged Rax now provides your team with Super Siege creeps (16 more damage than normal siege unit)
Previously you've only got Super Siege creeps with Megacreeps
Now there is finally some interesting choice between destroying melee rack or ranged one
Depending on selected strategy, you might want to start by focusing ranged racks and force sieges across lanes, instead of suiciding for melee racks

Reduced gold and experience granted by neutrals by 20-25%
Base gold and experience reward for neutrals now increases by 2% with each creep powerup tick (each 7m 30s)
Dying to neutral creeps now causes your hero to have a minimum respawn time of 26 (equal to level 6 respawn time)
Definitely great change, which should move gameplay on lanes / entire map, while letting neutral creeps to be 'helping hands', to make pulls (creepwave management, again), to eventually increase gold and some experience (in best case, when farming stacked camps, but not just sitting);

I mean, woods are not for sitting there for ages anymore

Well, there are still heroes that are quite comfortable for sitting in the woods without appearing on the map, but pool of those heroes is at least decreased
A team having one player farming woods should have really valid reason to let him do so, maybe, for example, having 3-4 way stronger early game fighting heroes
But classic woods farming, as it used to be, should not be a thing anymore

Map layout
Map layout change is awesome, it adds a lot of new pathways, provides whole another level of planning fights and escaping them as same time
Those trees from original ~7.00-ish are carefully ported here, so we can have way more ways to juke or take positions before fight/ambush

As i am quite busy, i do not have time to write more for now, but i may continue later, or someone educated enough will do this;
Point of this thread is to explain to those players who argument with '-em game, stupid, very easy now', that majority of those changes are having strong well-calculated ideas in it;
It changes gameplay, yes;
It is 7.00 afterall, after ages of 6.XX versions;
Every major update (when version number changes mostleft decimal, it means major update) has lots of changes, this is nature of major updates
The fact many people disliked this patch is based of another fact - those players never understood the game, sadly;

If you guys would only understand at least some pack of knowledge this game requires, you would fall in love with this version;
Hope we somehow will educate and help you to understand beauty of this map;

Stay tuned!
Deers !
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Re: Deer of 7.00 update ["stupid -em" patch thoughts]
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2020, 15:22 »
The fact many people disliked this patch is based of another fact - those players never understood the game, sadly;

I think this is big issue. What if there are 90% of such players? Should still update map for the other 10% and hope that others adapt? Because if these 90% will stop playing then the remaining 10% will have nobody to play with.

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Re: Deer of 7.00 update ["stupid -em" patch thoughts]
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2020, 15:47 »
Good point indeed.
Must have in mind, LagAbuse is a Public league , emphasis on Public.
Implementing it in Safelist League or other is a different kind of beast.