Author Topic: FawkzBNET FAQ and How to connect  (Read 7347 times)

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FawkzBNET FAQ and How to connect
« on: December 30, 2009, 02:12 »
What is this FawkzBNET thing?
FawkzBNET is our own pvpgn server just like

Why do you have a pvpgn server?
So we can play war3 games while eurobattle is offline

I heard it has it's own website?

Is it always online?

Are bots connected to this server?
Yes they are, also games on bots are shared between fawkzbnet and eurobattle so you can join the game created from eurobattle and other way around

How do i connect to this server?
  • Step 1 - Download gateway editor in the attachment, extract it to any folder and open BNGatewayEditor.exe

  • Step 2 - Go to WarCraft3 tab (on the bottom of the editor) in BNGatewayEditor.exe and click Add Gateway

  • Step 3 - Populate the input fields as shown below
    • Name => FawkzBNET
    • Zone => -1
    • IP =>

  • Step 4 - Close gateway editor and open your warcraft3, you should now be able to find FawkzBNET when you click on the " Gateway Selection" button. Select FawkzBNET and click ok, then connect to

  • Step 5 - Enter your username and password to log in, or create a new account via "Create New Account" button and then log in.

  • Step 6 - Join channel

For begginers please visit HOW-TO.
note: you must be logged in to see the attachment link.

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