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« on: June 29, 2020, 14:39 »
1: Your NickName?

2: NickName of the player that you want to be banned?
Silgi and -x-man-

3: What rule did he/they break?
Lets start
This -x-man- : Revealing team position/Family flame/ refusing to play/ game ruin /votekick abuse/ national intolerance/
Silgi: revealing team position and items

4: When was the Rule Broken?
This game has to be checked from the first minute to the last one.Ill post just few information for you.
05:32   -X-Man-   [Allies]   this son of a whore
07:36   -X-Man-   [All]   gondar he is woods
07:39   -X-Man-   [All]   go own him
08:29   -X-Man-   [All]   Go woods fgondar
There revealed stry position in our wood
17:45   -X-Man-   [Allies]   kick blod
17:47   -X-Man-   [Allies]   or i start feed
17:49   GAGE^   [Allies]   !yES
17:50   -X-Man-   [Allies]   i will 100 %
18:23   -X-Man-   [Allies]   !votekick sil
18:29   -X-Man-   [Allies]   kick this or i start feed
18:32   -X-Man-   [Allies]   honest to god
18:33   -X-Man-   [Allies]   i will
18:36   -X-Man-   [Allies]   kick idiot
19:13   -X-Man-   [Allies]   !sd sil
19:15   -X-Man-   [Allies]   idiot
19:18   -X-Man-   [Allies]   son of a whore
19:29   -X-Man-   [Allies]   !votekick sil
21:13   -X-Man-   [Allies]   !votekick sil
24:46   -X-Man-   [Allies]   !Votekick sil
26:43   -X-Man-   [Allies]   !votekick sil
27:04   -X-Man-   [Allies]   !votekick sil
29:42   -X-Man-   [Allies]   kick
29:43   -X-Man-   [Allies]   styry
29:45   -X-Man-   [Allies]   i join game
29:47   -X-Man-   [Allies]   other way
29:47   -X-Man-   [Allies]   i farm
33:41   -X-Man-   [Allies]   !votekick sil
37:00   -X-Man-   [Allies]   !votekick sil

39:13   -X-Man-   [All]   for the next 35 other min i fuck linas child in the ass
39:16   -X-Man-   [All]   he loves that
40:15   -X-Man-   [All]   this guy will probably suck my dick . while his child watches
40:41   -X-Man-   [Allies]   i fuck ur dead mother in the ass
40:42   Megalictic-BoY   [Allies]   dad
40:47   -X-Man-   [Allies]   i fuck ur child
40:49   -X-Man-   [Allies]   i fuck ur wife
44:04   -X-Man-   [Allies]   lina u suck dick for money
45:35   -X-Man-   [Allies]   lina u suck dick ?
45:59   -X-Man-   [Allies]   u suck ur dadys dick
46:21   -X-Man-   [Allies]   dosee he tell u to touch his pennis at night ?
48:36   -X-Man-   [Allies]   lina do u pay ur bills on time
48:39   -X-Man-   [Allies]   u ro gupsy
48:41   -X-Man-   [Allies]   naab shit
48:43   -X-Man-   [Allies]   dont have money
48:50   Megalictic-BoY   [Allies]   do you got internet there?
48:51   -X-Man-   [Allies]   u wanna give me ur sister for a night
49:05   -X-Man-   [Allies]   im in the richest contry on earth idiot
49:32   -X-Man-   [Allies]   u can send me ur sister
49:34   -X-Man-   [Allies]   i fuck her
49:36   Megalictic-BoY   [Allies]   ok
49:37   -X-Man-   [Allies]   for 100 franks
49:41   -X-Man-   [Allies]   or ur wife
49:42   Megalictic-BoY   [Allies]   preapera he has big dick
49:51   bsus4   [Allies]   !ignore Man
49:53   -X-Man-   [Allies]   u sucked the big dick

23:23   sIlgI   [All]   slark gem
23:26   sIlgI   [All]   just take ıt
24:57   sIlgI   [All]   slark ın ur wood
26:11   sIlgI   [All]   SLARK AFK IN UR WOOD
26:32   sIlgI   [All]   SLARK IN UR WOOD AFK
The other revealing items/position

5: Explain to us your general vision about the situation.
This guy x-man fucked up our game by being a total idiot, as u see i post some parts of what he did, the rest are in game, while we fight we has into another parts of map doing nothing, farming only, just check the game, all those broken rules that i specify are there, and if that is not for ip lock, im done with this bnet,
He was just playing solo , his own game, you saw what he was talking in game "that he is not coming into fights if we not kick stry" and thats what he did signaled him to gang down at beggining we was waiting for me to go first while he has slark with ulty, ofc died, and he did a shit there
Just check the game, and u will see everything what happend and also clearly

6: Link of the game? (if applies),;sa=game;gid=6305023

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Re: Ban
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2020, 17:50 »
-x-man- !permabanned (excessive family flame/national intolerance/insulting)

Silgi !banned 2days + 1x!warn (game ruin (revealing position))