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Complaint: mato_put
« on: June 27, 2020, 13:50 »
1: Your NickName?

2: NickName of the player that you are complaining about?

3: What rule did he/they break?

Ban abuse, threat, chat abuse

4: When was the Rule Broken?

Minute 16:02

5: Explain to us your general vision about the situation.

I took  Leoric and went offlane to creep in woods on level 1. I was the ONLY carry in the game, with the rest being early heroes. Despite this, I was told I am "banned after this game" in minute 16:02, after mato_put feeded himself a 0/5/2 score.

I want to point out that mato_put wasnt defending, but intentionaly went out of his way to gank and would fail and die.

I had 0/0/1 and 6500 gold after 16 minutes despite the other team trying to gank me. After trying to talk to the team in minute 17:57 I found out mato_put abused his power and muted me out of spite. I wasn't abusing the chat, I was muted so I couldn't talk to my teammates.

Eventualy mato_put ended the game with 3/14/6 and the other teammates had a average of 3/10/5. Despite this, none of them where banned for feeding or game ruining. I was banned for 5 days after having the only non feeding score.

I want to point out that I was clearly participating in a majority of fights, and defending the base. I wasn't being rude or disrespectful in chat. mato_put didn't die close to me, but on the other side of the map, during the laning phase. mato_put abused his banning privileges and lied about the situation.

I request a ban for mato_put and hope his banning moderator status be reviewed, since he is using it to vent rage in game.

6: Link of the game? (if applies):;sa=game;gid=6304419

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Re: Complaint: mato_put
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2020, 14:09 »
18:32   Mato_Put   [Allies]   leoric
18:35   Mato_Put   [Allies]   u r banned after game
18:46   lor350   [Allies]   !ignore mato
18:52   Mato_Put   [Allies]   !mute lor350

20:53   Mato_Put   [Allies]   its ok
20:56   Mato_Put   [Allies]   im admin i will ban him

22:26   Mato_Put   [All]   do you know what we have leoric in team ?
26:07   Mato_Put   [All]   i will ban him
26:09   Mato_Put   [All]   after game

27:09   Mato_Put   [Allies]   wevaer nice items
27:11   Mato_Put   [Allies]   24 min
27:20   Mato_Put   [Allies]   why u play carry
27:23   Mato_Put   [Allies]   when u r uslels noob

8:58   Mato_Put   [Allies]   im admin
28:59   Mato_Put   [Allies]   so
29:00   Mato_Put   [Allies]   sure

30:07   Mato_Put   [Allies]   just check thjis idiot
30:27   Mato_Put   [Allies]   weaver
30:28   Mato_Put   [Allies]   nice items
30:33   Mato_Put   [Allies]   >> Bardache (Weaver) has a > Perseverance
30:34   Mato_Put   [Allies]   >> Bardache (Weaver) has a > Tango

30:49   Mato_Put   [Allies]   wow weaver
30:57   Bardache   [Allies]   !IGNORE MAT

33:21   Mato_Put   [Allies]   y fail
33:27   Mato_Put   [Allies]   like leo

Muted minute 18 , and muted until 35th ,without even using the Chat.
@ksv  Please review the Ban itself.

Regarding the Mute, it can be used for 2 Minutes if you see an argue happening to chill down the players before it escalate into a Flame [High Staff (Head-Admin) can do this] , not because of the Rank itself , but due to experience. It is sometimes better to mute someone for 2 Minutes than to ban him for 2 Days due Flame.

With all this above said, member that was Banned [KSV will review this] was muted for 15 minutes without even using the Chat.
Access Removed for 7 Days

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Re: Complaint: mato_put
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2020, 00:41 »
Removed ban from lor350.

Senior b^U moderator alredy reviewd the case.

He missed the first 2 team fights because he was farming (some could say leoric needs farm) but he played normally the whole game. He is not a pro player too after all.

Also lor350 was muted without any valid reason @lor360 Sorry for the inconvenience .

AS for matoput this is hes 2cnd indiscretion with mute abuse, and that was a one thing on whitch I insisted during the training, and mentioned it couple of times (how and when to use !mute command), hope this won`t become a regular thing, becouse I won't alove it.
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