Author Topic: Complaint  (Read 464 times)

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« on: June 27, 2020, 02:07 »
Yesterday i saw a complaint about @Aleksandar going afk in a game. As for now it seems to be deleted.

Here is the proof which was posted:

I dont think that this is okay to just remove topics which you arent ok with. In my opinion you did wrong and should be punished.

Otherwise the only option for you is to step down

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Re: Complaint
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2020, 02:48 »
It will be replied shortly , locked to avoid spam.

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Re: Complaint
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2020, 13:00 »
Some other Admin will resolve this case..

@FatAndViolent One small advice for you

Spoiler for Hiden:
05:55   4and20   tooshade host stacke , no balance game
05:58   -AleksandaR-   y
06:00   -AleksandaR-   sadly
06:06   -AleksandaR-   it was 90 10
06:10   -AleksandaR-   i think
06:15   4and20   no ban ?
06:19   -AleksandaR-   for what?
06:22   4and20   ok ok
06:23   AfanLord   stack is allowed
06:26   -AleksandaR-   you could leave the game
06:28   -AleksandaR-   before start
06:29   4and20   leave?
06:31   -AleksandaR-   my friend
06:34   -AleksandaR-   yes
06:34   4and20   before?
06:41   -AleksandaR-   before
06:42   4and20   before im in windows
06:42   -AleksandaR-   10
06:43   -AleksandaR-   9
06:43   4and20   yourtube
06:44   -AleksandaR-   8
06:46   4and20   waiting
06:47   -AleksandaR-   well
06:48   4and20   game balanced
06:52   -AleksandaR-   than dont blame others
06:58   -AleksandaR-   pay attention next time
07:06   -AleksandaR-   :/
07:21   4and20   im wait 1 game balanced, before start im ocupated , in youtube, or insta
07:25   4and20   im dont see
07:34   4and20   and start
07:36   4and20   no ban
07:37   4and20   okok
07:53   FatAndViolent   i can make video about stackers and put in youtube
08:01   4and20   but no ban
08:05   4and20   aleksandar say
08:09   4and20   whay ban ?
08:10   4and20   hahaha
08:24   4and20   why ban , say aleksandar
08:35   -AleksandaR-   Tooshade made unbalanced game
08:39   FatAndViolent   if aleksandar will break rules he wont be admi nanymore
08:41   FatAndViolent   simple as that
08:47   FatAndViolent   so dont worry
09:23   FatAndViolent   if you get banned
09:25   FatAndViolent   just contact me
09:30   FatAndViolent   i will make justice
09:42   -AleksandaR-   fat
09:44   -AleksandaR-   dont start
09:47   -AleksandaR-   please
09:55   FatAndViolent   i wasnt talkng to you
10:03   -AleksandaR-   and i was talking to you
10:12   -AleksandaR-   and i mean it
10:29   FatAndViolent   this isnt your server
10:40   FatAndViolent   when its yours
10:41   FatAndViolent   then talk

Please stop with your bad attitude,we all know you don't like anyone from current staff but this is way too much.

I know you were stalking me for some time trying to find even smallest reason to start with your drama shit in order to see me demoted.
You even /w me on channel several times wuthout any reason just to provoke me and when i use /dnd mode you start to shit on every single staff member on LA via channel.

Stop this once and for all and find a life for the love of god.