Author Topic: Complaint about Jimmy's abuses  (Read 273 times)

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Complaint about Jimmy's abuses
« on: June 17, 2020, 13:48 »
You have to provide:

1: Your ingame nickname?
2) Moderator's nickname (as in subject).
3) Why you are not happy with Moderator's decision / behavior.
Bad decision, abusing commands.

He insulted me by saying ''Moron'' to which I replied ''You mother is moron""
Later on he asked me for apology, and I apologized. For some reason he still banned me a few minutes later. Anyway, it wasn't meant seriously, but as an inst-reply, which is common in games.
At my unban request he said I didn't apologize, which I did, proof in the chat.
41:05    Jimmy    [Allies]    corristo ill give u one shot to apologize
41:09    Jimmy    [Allies]    for that
41:12    Corristo    [Allies]    you called me a moron
41:15    Corristo    [Allies]    for what reason?
41:16    Corristo    [Allies]    tell me
41:18    Corristo    [Allies]    then i apologize
41:20    Jimmy    [Allies]    im gonna call u a moron
41:21    Jimmy    [Allies]    again
41:23    Jimmy    [Allies]    and an idiot
41:25    Corristo    [Allies]    should i thank you for insulting me?
41:27    Jimmy    [Allies]    but i wont insult your mother
41:34    Corristo    [Allies]    sory abou your mother

Since he muted me ingame, i asked him in whisp why the mute instead of simply ignoring, for which he insulted me on whisp again.

Im not sure if this is a proper admin behaviour, but alltogether he insulted multiple times.

Thirdly,why multi-ban me for past things which I did in 2016 (!) and 2018 (!)?
I was banned for those already, and it was 4 years ago.

Can any admin please unban me, and ask him to stop this childish behaviour?

4) Forum link / Game link.;sa=game;gid=6301513

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Re: Complaint about Jimmy's abuses
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2020, 20:52 »
U allready opened 2 topics in Unban section and this is the 3rd.

1. You didnt apologize , i asked you if you want to apologize.

41:05   Jimmy   [Allies]   corristo ill give u one shot to apologize
41:09   Jimmy   [Allies]   for that
41:12   Corristo   [Allies]   you called me a moron
41:15   Corristo   [Allies]   for what reason?
41:20   Jimmy   [Allies]   im gonna call u a moron
41:21   Jimmy   [Allies]   again
41:23   Jimmy   [Allies]   and an idiot
41:27   Jimmy   [Allies]   but i wont insult your mother

2. Instead of getting banned for 3rd Family Flame offence [3-6  Days] you got a 1 Day Ban.

I didnt insult you freely, i called you a moron, and im gonna call you a moron again, because to my knowledge only morons dont know how to interpret numbers.

21:55   Corristo   [Allies]   vendetta stun everything ready
21:56   Jimmy   [Allies]   >> Scroll of TP: 1 charges, 30 cooldown left
21:57   Corristo   [Allies]   you go top farm?
22:03   Jimmy   [Allies]   YE MORON
22:07   Corristo   [Allies]   moron is your mother

And as i said in game , im gonna say again.
Im gonna call you an idiot, a moron,  even an imbecil, but i wont insult your mother or other family members.

Since you have issues with numbers, ill reinstate the Ban Duration of 3-6 Days that Table of sanctions displays for 3rd Family Flame offence, instead of my reduced 1 day duration.

Added Ban for Spam :,191486.0.html,191486.0.html

And for the 3rd time, if you are a moron, i will call u a moron.
Im ok with you calling me a moron, but insulting my Mother is not gonna do.
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