Author Topic: Unban req. - Corristo  (Read 164 times)

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Unban req. - Corristo
« on: June 17, 2020, 13:25 »
1. You didnt apologize , i asked you if you want to apologize.

41:05   Jimmy   [Allies]   corristo ill give u one shot to apologize
41:09   Jimmy   [Allies]   for that
41:12   Corristo   [Allies]   you called me a moron
41:15   Corristo   [Allies]   for what reason?
41:20   Jimmy   [Allies]   im gonna call u a moron
41:21   Jimmy   [Allies]   again
41:23   Jimmy   [Allies]   and an idiot
41:27   Jimmy   [Allies]   but i wont insult your mother

You took out sentences from the context.
Here how it does looked like:

41:05    Jimmy    [Allies]    corristo ill give u one shot to apologize
41:09    Jimmy    [Allies]    for that
41:12    Corristo    [Allies]    you called me a moron
41:15    Corristo    [Allies]    for what reason?
41:16    Corristo    [Allies]    tell me
41:18    Corristo    [Allies]    then i apologize
41:20    Jimmy    [Allies]    im gonna call u a moron
41:21    Jimmy    [Allies]    again
41:23    Jimmy    [Allies]    and an idiot
41:25    Corristo    [Allies]    should i thank you for insulting me?
41:27    Jimmy    [Allies]    but i wont insult your mother
41:34    Corristo    [Allies]    sory abou your mother
41:39    Corristo    [Allies]    you are the retard
41:43    Jimmy    [Allies]    yes
41:44    Jimmy    [Allies]    i am
41:46    Corristo    [Allies]    ok
41:47    Jimmy    [Allies]    and im an idiot
41:53    Jimmy    [Allies]    but insulting someones mother
41:56    Jimmy    [Allies]    i not allowed
42:06    Corristo    [Allies]    abusing your power isnt nice neighter
42:10    Jimmy    [Allies]    abusing?
42:13    Corristo    [Allies]    muting?
42:16    Corristo    [Allies]    why not ignoring then?
42:31    Corristo    [Allies]    i coudlnt comunicate with team
42:36    Jimmy    [Allies]    because if i ignore
42:37    Jimmy    [Allies]    u can flame

This was the whole conversation, and as you can see, I did apologize.
But you wanted to ban me regardless, not becasouse insulting you or you family, but becaouse this is the person who you are. You were just looking for a reason to ban me, and here you found it. I've seen players asking for ban for more serious insults, and they were refused, this was nothing compared to other players insults.Plus you provoked me.

Please rethink you decision.

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Re: Unban req. - Corristo
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2020, 20:48 »
1. You didnt apologize , i asked you if you want to apologize.

41:05   Jimmy   [Allies]   corristo ill give u one shot to apologize
41:09   Jimmy   [Allies]   for that
41:12   Corristo   [Allies]   you called me a moron
41:15   Corristo   [Allies]   for what reason?
41:20   Jimmy   [Allies]   im gonna call u a moron
41:21   Jimmy   [Allies]   again
41:23   Jimmy   [Allies]   and an idiot
41:27   Jimmy   [Allies]   but i wont insult your mother

2. Instead of getting banned for 3rd Family Flame offence [3-6  Days] you got a 1 Day Ban.

I didnt insult you freely, i called you a moron, and im gonna call you a moron again, because to my knowledge only morons dont know how to interpret numbers.

21:55   Corristo   [Allies]   vendetta stun everything ready
21:56   Jimmy   [Allies]   >> Scroll of TP: 1 charges, 30 cooldown left
21:57   Corristo   [Allies]   you go top farm?
22:03   Jimmy   [Allies]   YE MORON
22:07   Corristo   [Allies]   moron is your mother

And as i said in game , im gonna say again.
Im gonna call you an idiot, a moron,  even an imbecil, but i wont insult your mother or other family members.

Since you have issues with numbers, ill reinstate the Ban Duration of 3-6 Days that Table of sanctions displays for 3rd Family Flame offence, instead of my reduced 1 day duration.

Added Ban for Spam :,191486.0.html
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