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Author Topic: Pubs play to how  (Read 920 times)

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Pubs play to how
« on: October 24, 2019, 04:59 »
Game link: http://dota.eurobattle.net/la/forum/index.php?action=gameinfo;sa=game;gid=6226929

So, this is what would make dota community f*cking awesome!

First of all, i should say i am tryharding / playing serious very rarely. I used to play for fun and stuff, but sometimes there are some games that you do not want to lose for some reason, so you start playing a bit more serious than usually

So, idea is very simple:
  • Do not fight teammates, be extremely friendly towards them
  • Be very calm and patient
  • If teammates are doing something bad and there is no one giving orders yet - take this place asap and coordinate them! Use simple and friendly language

Prevent flaming:
Spoiler for Hiden:
39:24   ZaCcHi   [Allies]   fcking idiot
39:26   CarlElias   [Allies]   lol
39:28   CarlElias   [Allies]   you guys
39:30   CarlElias   [Allies]   went for saving
39:32   CarlElias   [Allies]   already dead teammate
39:34   CarlElias   [Allies]   instead of rosh
39:37   CarlElias   [Allies]   why flaming
39:41   CarlElias   [Allies]   you both went to clear suicide
39:44   CarlElias   [Allies]   it was obvious:D
39:50   CarlElias   [Allies]   dont flame around
39:51   CarlElias   [Allies]   get calm
39:54   SomeOne25   [Allies]   :)
^ could go shorter here, but people did not seem to be !ignore users, so i wrote it like this

Provide some awesome tactic xDD:
Spoiler for Hiden:
41:17   CarlElias   [Allies]   try somehow
41:19   CarlElias   [Allies]   to disable sniper
41:22   CarlElias   [Allies]   he cnat (cant) let me fight
41:24   CarlElias   [Allies]   and all of us
41:28   CarlElias   [Allies]   they got perfect defence (defense)
41:31   SomeOne25   [Allies]   y
41:33   CarlElias   [Allies]   break their defence (defense)
41:35   CarlElias   [Allies]   attack from side
41:38   CarlElias   [Allies]   not from frong (front)

Keep deerjoking even after full wipeout of your team
Spoiler for Hiden:
45:07      [All]   predator1989 killed Brandy
45:30      [All]   MnogoTepam-^ killed altans
45:42      [All]   picek killed ZaCcHi
45:47      [All]   IQ197 killed MnogoTepam-^
45:53      [All]   IQ197 killed CarlElias
46:01   CarlElias   [Allies]   worst position ever :D
46:03   KenoStrikesBack   [Allies]   >> Hellfire Blast [4] > is ready
46:04   SomeOne25   [Allies]   xd
46:05   CarlElias   [Allies]   and they used it at time
46:07      [All]   picek killed SomeOne25
46:16   IQ197   [Allies]   push?
46:25   CarlElias   [Allies]   i believe they have no idea what they just did
46:29   SomeOne25   [Allies]   haha

Prevent team from being upset, do not give up when they do not listen:
Spoiler for Hiden:
52:23   CarlElias   [Allies]   push all lines a bit
52:25   CarlElias   [Allies]   avoid fights
52:29   CarlElias   [Allies]   and gather in 1 min
52:34   CarlElias   [Allies]   so we can push t3
52:54   CarlElias   [Allies]   >> Boots of Travel > On cooldown ( 00:10 )
(... ally team dies again...)
52:57   CarlElias   [Allies]   what poart (part)
52:59   CarlElias   [Allies]   of avoid fights
53:01   CarlElias   [Allies]   is not clear
53:11   CarlElias   [Allies]   holy deer
53:14   ZaCcHi   [Allies]   why alone
54:15   Brandy   [Allies]   gg
54:37   CarlElias   [Allies]   idk you guys do not read chat :D
54:43   SomeOne25   [Allies]   or sleeping
54:44   SomeOne25   [Allies]   :D
54:46   CarlElias   [Allies]   yes !
54:48   CarlElias   [Allies]   can be
54:49   Brandy   [Allies]   :)
54:56   CarlElias   [Allies]   still
54:59   CarlElias   [Allies]   we had cool moments
55:02   CarlElias   [Allies]   thanks for the game
55:06   SomeOne25   [Allies]   nice
55:31   Brandy   [Allies]   is there any plan in this game for winning ?
55:53   CarlElias   [Allies]   idk we still can win
55:57   CarlElias   [Allies]   if you are interested
55:58   Brandy   [Allies]   how
56:01   Brandy   [Allies]   >> Guinsoo's Scythe > is ready
56:02   Brandy   [Allies]   >> Blink Dagger > is ready
56:08   CarlElias   [Allies]   sniper must be disabled
56:08   CarlElias   [Allies]   hm
56:12   CarlElias   [Allies]   btw wywern
56:20   CarlElias   [Allies]   dont ulti someone who we are killiung
56:22   CarlElias   [Allies]   hee gets no damage
56:24   CarlElias   [Allies]   from us
56:27   CarlElias   [Allies]   so you save enemy
56:34   CarlElias   [Allies]   ulti someone else
56:36   CarlElias   [Allies]   whos outside the fight
56:39   CarlElias   [Allies]   like disable sniper
(enemy team dies, sniper was disabled outside)
57:36   CarlElias   [Allies]   great ulti
57:39   CarlElias   [Allies]   wywern
57:41   SomeOne25   [Allies]   that was good
57:42   SomeOne25   [Allies]   y
(^ don`t forget to cheer teammates for awesome moves!)
58:15   CarlElias   [Allies]   distract
58:16   CarlElias   [Allies]   and push
58:18   CarlElias   [Allies]   at least one side
58:37      [All]   SomeOne25 destroyed the mid level 3 Sentinel tower
58:50      [All]   SomeOne25 destroyed the mid Sentinel melee rax
58:52      [All]   MnogoTepam-^ destroyed the mid Sentinel ranged rax
58:53      [All]   IQ197 killed ZaCcHi
58:53      [All]   IQ197 killed CarlElias
58:57   CarlElias   [Allies]   thats okay
59:01   CarlElias   [Allies]   we distracted
59:04   CarlElias   [Allies]   now back
59:05   CarlElias   [Allies]   everyone
59:06   SomeOne25   [Allies]   xd
59:06   CarlElias   [Allies]   who can
59:08   CarlElias   [Allies]   please
59:27   CarlElias   [Allies]   same with topbottom
59:28   CarlElias   [Allies]   later
59:33   CarlElias   [Allies]   just dont randomly die
59:37   CarlElias   [Allies]   every death cost us the game now
59:41   CarlElias   [Allies]   in case of no buyback
59:41   CarlElias   [Allies]   :D
(...well then we won later, no more chat here...)

This is not self-bragging or something
I wish every forum user to use some of this experience i tried to share in this game
It looks very simple and maybe dumb/useless, but save our cute dota community, please :-D

Spoiler for Hiden:
holy molly i spent 60% of gametime in the chat

Be friendly. Stay deer!
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Spoiler for Hiden:
10, 3rd places are mine, wew!

40:14 don_Kondo [Allies] olen olen
40:15 don_Kondo [Allies] olenishka
40:18 Hiatus [Allies] AHAH
40:21 don_Kondo [Allies] ya net olen
40:22 Hiatus [Allies] OLENISHKA
40:23 Hiatus [Allies] AHAHAH
40:25 don_Kondo [Allies] ya mala myshka
40:28 Hiatus [Allies] AHAHAHAH

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Re: Pubs play to how
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2019, 10:17 »
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Re: Pubs play to how
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2019, 12:36 »

And sometimes, the game just doesn't work out for ya, so you have to deal with it.

Example: http://dota.eurobattle.net/la/forum/index.php?action=gameinfo;sa=game;gid=6226734

Long story short, killed three different dudes on mid several times, roamed, tanked, warded and dewarded throughout the whole game, endured the game to 50th minute mark, and we still lost.

I can't say I wasn't irritated by our lack of teamplay, but I didn't spam / insult my teammates and I (sort of) kept my cool until the end. Sadly, many people spam pick carries even though they're clueless about the whole carrying process but oh well, it is how it is.

Too bad you didn't post this guide sooner, maybe I'd be able to learn from it and win if you did...

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Re: Pubs play to how
« Reply #3 on: October 24, 2019, 23:03 »
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