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!latency range increased
« on: August 26, 2019, 13:47 »
!latency command now accepts range from 30-150

!synclimit now accepts range form 50-300

Default latency is set to 40.

What is latency?
Bot acting as the host receives the game packets from all 10 players and then periodically broadcasts them back to all players. The waiting period before each broadcast is what the !latency command controls.

!latency 40 means that bot will wait for 40ms to collect all player actions, then broadcast actions to all players.

It is recommended to set latency to roughly average ping of all players.

Setting it too high
All players will have a more laggy game due to the simple fact that bot waits longer to broadcast actions.

Setting it too low
Players with higher ping than set latency will get spikes.

What is synclimit?
The amount of time player is allowed to lag behind before the wait screen kicks in. Only increase this if someone is causing intermittent short wait screens to get him/her inside the acceptable window. Do not use this to get rid of wait window, all you will achieve this way is that the lagger will eventually cause a very long wait window and drop out. Rather vote out the offending player instead if the game is unplayable.
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