Author Topic: help about unban request !  (Read 251 times)

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help about unban request !
« on: August 23, 2018, 17:16 »
1. Sejtura
2. autoban
3. leaving
4. autokicked
5. i had w3 problem, it disconnected me from dota game. I ALREADY sent unban request and explane what happened ... but that hack admin Face^Guy doesent care at all.. i want to provide screenshot of my problem because it was w3 error, so i took pic of it... but that admin is off all day or doesent want to help at all... so could someone else help me about it ? after w3 dropped me out of game, on my desctop there was pop up with message " please use the report ID below when communicating with Blizzard about this issue." And there were some numbers bellow... AND SAME THING HAPPPEND TO OTHER PLAYERS FROM THAT GAME. Please check game log and you will see it... all of them got banned for 6 days... it wasnt our fault...

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Re: help about unban request !
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2018, 17:25 »
I replied in your other topic, check it out.
I was confused with this, and it was not only once, but it happens from time to time to /w wrong bot. If it was changed to la-custom or custom-la everyone would understand why is like that. But like this you must to read on forum to understand, even if you don't understand..