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« on: January 04, 2018, 03:45 »
I'm not ^St3x(haven't been online at the time that thread was active) , anyway really bored, 3:45AM (also I still hold the record for the 5th person being most online) shout out to all the people here (not that I'm coming back or anything), also enjoy all the new smileys  :angel: >:D :student: :marine: :boy: :michael jackson: :elvis: :hacker: :like a boss: :alien: :y: :/: :peace: :agreed: :shit: <3 :stop it: :devil: :bad mood: :rage mode: :pumpkinhead: :very angry: :skull: :zombie: :monster: :sick: :in the dark: :bomb: :lovely: :pff: :bored: :sweet: :sweety: :broken: :oki: :''( :girl: :soldier: :cops: :zzz: :nope: :ups: :feel good: :what: :dissapointed: :in pain: :sleepy: :nooo: :hm: :nah: :yea: :whistle: :hehe: :fu: :yes sir: .i.  Happy new year and cya in 4 years or smth.

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