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Eurobasket 2017
« on: August 22, 2017, 21:33 »
Lets discuss here about basketball as main sport event this year.




Czech Republic

Great Britain

I will present my vision of how strong the teams are from roster and results:

Strongest teams and candidates for gold:

1 Spain - almost full power for this tournament. From important players no injured Sergio Llull this time, no Mirotić, Reyes, Ibaka.
On tournament: Pau and Marc Gasol, 2x Hernangomez, Abrines, Navarro, Rubio, Rodrigez - very powerful team and 1st seed.
Haven't watched their games, they've lost vs Belgium, but that is not their real power. Hard to believe to happen. And as always, strongest in knockout phase.

2 Serbia - some players are injured, but so far others cover very well that positions. From players who will miss this tournament 3 top players won't participate: Teodosic - the best playmaker in past years in Euroleague, and 2 players who were proved as good guards for Pau Gasol, Jokic (I heard from my friends that he destroyed Gasol in some game) and Bjelica (proved on Eurobasket 2 years ago). Also Nedovic is under question, he is very fast player similar to Bogdanovic.
On tournament: Important to mention is 3 powerful centers Stimac, Kuzmic and Marjanovic.
Complete team with more than 12 world class players who can play on very high level.

3 Lithuania - haven't watched their games, but they seems very strong. Not in team Jankunas and Sabonis jr.
On tournament: Valanciunas, Kuzminskas and Maciulis.
As always a lot to expect to see.

4. Croatia - strong team, but without many important players. Bilan, Zizic, Hezonja, also Zubac and less important Tomic which is not known for me as part of their team on some event till now.
On tournament: Bogdanovic, Saric, Simon.
Good team, but can they beat that curse on big tournaments?

5. France - as always very strong and is not really important which team will go, they are always candidate for medal. Important to mention that Parker won't participate on this tournament, some new names can be see on the list, Batum. They've lost games versus Croatia and Lithuania, will be interesting to see them on Euro.

Candidates for medal:

6. Poland - above all expectations, after watching the game Serbia - Poland, I must admin that this is a real team and probably will be great discovery on this tournament. Long bench, quality on all positions. There will be massacre in group A with France, Greece and Slovenia. If Poland keep playing like now, at least 2nd place is guaranteed for them.

7. Latvia - from their results, they have respectable team and anything can be expected from them.

8. Greece - for now not promising. Without Adetokunbo, Spanulis, Kufos, they are not the same like before. But probably this team will get stronger for group stage. Atm its hard to say how they will stand against teams above.

9. Italy - 2 best players are out, their results are not good and hard to say what to expect

Other good teams:
Russia - powerful players and good center Mozgov will definitely be a real test for everyone. A lot can be expected from this team.
Georgia - nice results lately, probably very good team, not known to me
Israel - always nice team, should pass their group easily
Slovenia - without Zoran Dragic, good as always
Turkey - without some important players like Iliasova and Asik. Not sure how good they are
Belgium - +18 vs Spain, but lost vs some silly opponents
Montenegro - strong team but results vary

Candidates for the last place on Euro:
Germany - they came with B team and without real and good center. Very weak team, even if they got Nowitzki, there would be with small chances against any good team
Ukraine - the biggest surprise is to see their results so far.

This is my point of view based on what I saw and on results, so its opinion.

There is a conspiracy theory about how nba/nba clubs is responsible with forbidding their players to play on eurobasket, and that is obvious if you check the list (not to believe if you know players and how good they are):

Here can be seen unofficial rosters, and some other things:
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Re: Eurobasket 2017
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2017, 03:56 »
Our team is without a leader and it will be problem... Also I don't consider Stimac powerful center, but he raises team spirit with his presence for sure.
I was confused with this, and it was not only once, but it happens from time to time to /w wrong bot. If it was changed to la-custom or custom-la everyone would understand why is like that. But like this you must to read on forum to understand, even if you don't understand..