Author Topic: /plugging/ family related flame / anti team work  (Read 122 times)

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1: Your NickName?


2: NickName of the player that you want to be banned?


3: What rule did he/they break?

 /plugging/ family related flame /  anti team work

and plus he just farm all time wood until min  39 he stil farm and he usesle with team we all time at start of 30 min of game sufer ply  4 v5 and he go solo and feed tech up and flame me when I talk to him and last of game pluger after he fail

4: When was the Rule Broken?

36:07 kalimero^ [Allies] !ignore ibra
36:07 Glosed [Allies] il buy another1
36:07 ibraa10 [Allies] for sure
36:10 ibraa10 [Allies] nax
36:11 BNG7x [Allies] i dont even understand him
36:12 BNG7x [Allies] xD
36:13 kalimero^ [Allies] suck my dick noob like your mom sucking
36:20 ibraa10 [Allies] ok u r baned
36:24 Sugaar [Allies] if you care too much, already lost
36:27 ibraa10 [Allies] and and anti team work
76:09  [All] kalimero^ has left the game voluntarily, kalimero^ was autobanned.
76:09  [All] Autoban is ON, if you leave you will get autobanned.

6: Link of the game? (if applies),;sa=game;gid=6026219

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Re: /plugging/ family related flame / anti team work
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2017, 12:36 »
You provoked him and he flame you 1 time and there isnt any plugging in game he just left game 15 seconds before and he was playing with you in late game and he was at some combats in early