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Spring Events [General Info] [READ ME]
« on: March 25, 2016, 09:18 »
[Banner is coming soon]

Dear players, LagAbuse Tournament crew proudly presents you the Spring Events


There will be special tournaments that will take place from Monday (28.03.2016) untill the end of April, tours will be 1v1/2v2 and we might have 5v5 matches as well (all tourmament will be bo3 = Final stages will always be 3 rounds)

The time will be always 19:00 (SERVER TIME) with this particular days in our channel (/join la tour) (every Tuesday / Friday / Saturday)
There will be also a Schedule that will inform you about the tournaments. Days are not yet stable, we might also host Wednesdays and Thursdays!

IMPORTANT NOTE : If we dont gather 4+ teams for the 2v2 / 8+ players for the 1v1, tournaments will be instantly canceled or postponed. (no exceptions)

IMPORTANT NOTE #2 : We will only host DotA Tournaments, non dota tours are forbidden for this particural special event.


Rewards will be forum icons and +PSR. The players will gain psr according to their current one.

1500PSR+ = Reward will be +100 PSR

1600PSR+ = Reward will be +80 PSR

1700PSR+ = Reward will be +60 PSR

1800PSR+ = Reward will be +40 PSR

1900PSR+ = Reward will be + 30 PSR

2000PSR+ = Reward will be +20 PSR

For this Special Event we will have some extra rewards (this reward table is for the Daily Tournament but it also applies for the Spring Events)

We will give special awards for those who win a certain number of Spring tours

10 Spring Tournament Wins > [Forum Icon]

20 Spring Tournament Wins > [Forum Icon]

30 Spring Tournament Wins > [Forum Icon] + In-game icon : (for one month)[+50 PSR]

40 Spring Tournament Wins > [Forum Icon] + In-game Icon : (for 3 months)[+75 PSR]

50 Spring Tournament Wins > [Forum Icon] + In-game Icon : (permanent)[+100 PSR]

For any upcoming changes you will be instantly informed

LA Tournament Crew

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