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Ban request <kaptan.>
« on: June 22, 2015, 07:07 »
After ruining the game and being warned multiple times that he would get banned if he doesnt stop the player ".kaptan" continued to ruin it.

The original thread to ban him is here:

Before the game was over he said he has lots of accounts and that he doesnt care about bans.
2 hours after that i saw him on a account named "kaptan." (the only difference is the . dot, the first time its infront of his name, on the second name its after it)

I wispered him and confirmed that it was him (mostly cause he started insulting and ridiculing me about how he ruined our last game).
Then, 4 hours later i saw him AGAIN on the account name "..kaptan.."

I also did a quick search while making this post and discovered a third user name on lagabuse named ".kaptan." (one dot infront and after his name) although i can not confirm that that is also his account like the other three.

This player ruined quite a few games in recent memory before the ban was requested, talks extremnley offensivley on chat in the game, in the lobby, to allies, enemy players, often times totaly unprovoked, just enters the game in the lobby and starts insulting people, and thats before he actualy dies in the game and realy starts sabotaging and saying terrible stuff.
In the original ban request for his first account name (linked at the start) he can also be seen using some kind of disconecting program to keep players waiting for him to reconect by gproxy in game, and he always reconects just before he can be droped.
Just to be clear, its not a once or twice lag spike, he did it like 5-7 times in a row and has said he is doing it intentionaly and has made demands before he would stop it.

Im pretty new to these forums (dont think i ever tried to ban anyone in 5 years of playing) but this person clearly has lots of accounts, doesnt care at all when one of them is banned, is extremnly rude to everyone, often unprovoked right when he enters the lobby and uses a program to keep 9 other players waiting for him to gproxy reconect indefinitley whenever he wants to punish them.

Please take any measures that you can to prevent him from after a ban just loging into his tenth account with the name kaptan and dots.