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Hacks Moderator
« on: March 03, 2015, 00:14 »
I still see its [Open], so here goes nothing  :P

- Provide: Name, age, country, occupation.
Luka,26 in 2 months, Croatia, Student at IT, also a bedroom music producer, currently unemployed and don't have any obligations to my college.
- In-game accounts (all you've used on our LA bots)
MyubernLck, Micro^
- For how long are you playing DotA?
I am playing dota since 2005-6 I think, before dota allstars came out I know that. And I've been playing on and bots since they came out
- Why do you want to become moderator?
I wanna finally be able to help the community like I wanted from start
- Do you have any experience with moderation/administration, or have you ever supervised people?
I was "undercover" admin for a while here, hehe :P
- How much time can you spend daily solving reports?
Pretty much everyday I am on pc, since I am currently unemployed
- What do you know about cheating in DotA and cheating/hacking programs?
Hmm, hard question, I know there is a program that can detect fog clicks, and mouse selection by user. Also I know there are programs that allow you to instantly click on spells on heroes such as invoker, or meepo.
- An example of one of your best MH Reports if you posted any. (report link)
Sorry I don't have one! Can't find any in my profile, but I am sure I've posted someone few times.
- Anything else you would like to mention?
I've been part of community for long time now and still good friend with myubernick who is founder of this bot, and brainstormed some of commands with him during class on college for this old bot, before it had PSR ratio and everything it has now :)! Only thing I have incomon with rest of is bad manners that caused my bans, but you will see those are really old, and in last 1 year, I can say I've been a "good" boy, and would love to help you guys out.

Also take time to consider my application.

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Re: Hacks Moderator
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2015, 12:57 »
you will be informed soon

EDIT: Your application has been denied.

LA Staff
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