Author Topic: THIS IS REALLY DIVINE ADMIN  (Read 575 times)

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« on: October 14, 2014, 17:37 »

Jimmy  :-[

because hes noob, picked papper and was stealing by daggon, and wrote me this shit "u did 0 in this game" as u can see bellow. So i started farming for hot to get more hp and could tank better and also i one time did not go with them to show this noob that they need me to win, when they died he was crying like the hell and start the show. He started votekick me, he was still crying like a kid, so i got hot, we pushed mid and won it, that is all.
38:54      [All]   jimmy killed dzuka1
38:55   aK.47.   [Allies]   !time
38:58   aK.47.   [Allies]   \!Fff
38:59      [All]   DESTROYER killed spanishfly
39:03   aK.47.   [Allies]   !Ff
39:04      [All]   AL.Vigoss killed ySoMaD
39:05   spanishfly   [Allies]   axe will jump
39:07   spanishfly   [Allies]   till the end
39:09   TEHK   [Allies]   y
39:10   jimmy   [Allies]   -Clear
39:10   furi   [Allies]   more ks with dagon

39:10   aK.47.   [Allies]   when our tank axe is pussy
39:11   ySoMaD   [Allies]   Y Y
39:11   ySoMaD   [Allies]   AXE
39:12   TEHK   [Allies]   maybe once
39:13   aK.47.   [Allies]   what to expect
39:13   dzuka1   [Allies]   !ff
39:13      [All]   [dzuka1] voted to forfeit [2/5 Scourge]
39:13   ySoMaD   [Allies]   IS FAULT
39:18   ySoMaD   [Allies]   CAUSE YOU LOOSE.
39:22   spanishfly   [Allies]   dude waiting for all the time
39:25   jimmy   [Allies]   ks
39:27   jimmy   [Allies]   who r u

39:28   spanishfly   [Allies]   u fail with dagger ..
39:28   ySoMaD   [Allies]   what i waiting
39:30   ySoMaD   [Allies]   i go first
39:30   DESTROYER   [Allies]   xD
39:31   jimmy   [Allies]   and what are u
39:31   ySoMaD   [Allies]   ffs
39:33   DESTROYER   [Allies]   crow
39:35   spanishfly   [Allies]   u'll go i jump
39:37   ySoMaD   [Allies]   they go on you
39:37      [All]   furi destroyed the mid level 3 Scourge tower
39:38   ySoMaD   [Allies]   you go back
39:38   spanishfly   [Allies]   easy
39:38   jimmy   [Allies]   -Clear
39:39   ySoMaD   [Allies]   and die
39:41   ySoMaD   [Allies]   easy .
39:43   jimmy   [Allies]   u did 0 in this game

Dont know what i did wrong. I just one time show this noob that they ll need me when he was stealing and i got ban, because he is noob and admin that is all.

Unban me please. U can see how many games i played on lagabuse. I do not have never any problem but he is kid who is sitting behind the table and have "admin" so he is thinking about him that he is god or something like this and he can do what he want. Can not realy believe how he could got admin rights. Please remove his admin rights.;sa=game;gid=5591988

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« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2014, 17:58 »
You are banned for not participating in teampushes .
Exactly with that excuse " Someone KS my Kill".

7. Player must not ruin the game by:
 Note: DotA is team game, avoiding team fights, pushes, defending and similar in order to lose may be considered as refusing to play.

This is a section from the Rules.

Next time you dont want to fight with your team because you feel someone took your kill.
Think twice.

And Even after playing 4vs5 . We Had to win that game 3vs5.

ONTIPIC regarding your unban request:

29:59      [All]   spanishfly killed furi
Code: [Select]
30:04 DESTROYER [Allies] huskar
30:07 DESTROYER [Allies] what are u doing?

30:16 DESTROYER [Allies] i mean
30:20 DESTROYER [Allies] all the time u are alone

33:02 jimmy [Allies] WARZ
33:07 jimmy [Allies] DO THE WARDZ
33:30 jimmy [Allies] huskar ward

33:49 furi [Allies] sure i wont buy wards
34:16 furi [Allies] so come for the wards

39:10 furi [Allies] more ks with dagon

40:59 AL.Vigoss [Allies] furi ty si taky kokot
41:02 AL.Vigoss [Allies] to nie je normalne

40:59 AL.Vigoss [Allies] furi ty si taky kokot
41:02 AL.Vigoss [Allies] to nie je normalne
41:08 furi [Allies] jj
41:15 furi [Allies] neudelal jsem nic jak psal puck

45:18 DESTROYER [Allies] !votekick furi
45:18 [All] [DESTROYER] voted to kick [furi] [1/6]

45:28 jimmy [Allies] ne
45:29 jimmy [Allies] banovan je
45:30 jimmy [Allies] lik

46:33 furi [Allies] rly idiots
46:34 furi [Allies] more ks
46:36 furi [Allies] noobs

1# I didnt Start any Votekick against you, Destroyer did.
2# I told you you will be banned for what you are doing, you told me something in Romanian or such.
3# I didnt "Cry" when i died , becuase i didnt die in that game .
4# You are crying now . This whole post u made.