Author Topic: ban request for massacr3  (Read 446 times)

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ban request for massacr3
« on: September 04, 2014, 20:51 »
1. Zicke
2. Massacr3
3. hard mother and family flame
4. 22:54   massacr3   [All]   :* ask ur mum
23:13   massacr3   [All]   she likes it like that
23:14   massacr3   [All]   :)
26:23   massacr3   [All]   ja tvoju mamu ubijam u peskom :))
26:37   massacr3   [All]   zicke da ti umre sve da ti ebu sve sto si imas najmilo
27:14   massacr3   [All]   ja majku ti ke gu zgazu
27:50   massacr3   [All]   majka ti e i mnogo povise od toj videla
5.he was losing obviously

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Re: ban request for massacr3
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2014, 10:37 »
Why you started to provoce him.
You did that with intention ,so he could get banned.
Well , this is not how this is going to go.
This request is Denied.


32:04   Zicke   [All]   ooo doktoree

34:08   Zicke   [All]   hehe govnar mali hakerski
36:25   Zicke   [All]   crkni govnaru mali budjavi
44:54   Zicke   [All]   4/8
44:55   Zicke   [All]   :D
25:42   Zicke   [All]   die nab

26:17   Zicke   [All]   pa doc slepac
25:42   Zicke   [All]   die nab
26:41   Zicke   [All]   banujes sam sebe

27:21   Zicke   [All]   ajde
27:23   Zicke   [All]   da te vidim
27:33   Zicke   [All]   debilcino klinacka
27:40   Zicke   [Allies]   !f
27:48   Zicke   [All]   makedonac glupi

Next time you provoce someone, i will ban you .
This time you are !warned