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« on: August 26, 2014, 00:02 »

Rules for Gallery

- Global Forum Rules apply here.
- Name of your topic must contain your forum nickname and name of your work, example: 1QuestioN! , test (You can also add if its a signature, photo manipulation, video..)
- One topic = one work, meaning its not a showroom, dont put all your works in there.
- If you have 2 versions of one work, put it in the same topic, no need for opening another one.

- Rippers/Stealers may be punished by permanent ban from GFX Section.

- Try to help others by giving them constructive feedback, without useless posts and spam like "WOW, good, nice..etc"

- For any kind of help or info, contact GFX Moderator or GFX Admin

Good luck with your works
Regards, Graphics crew
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