Author Topic: unban req fo soulcry badd -Vyse- pavel-nedved KGB22 MehMeh1 --Selo-- kljuc.  (Read 468 times)

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1)soulcry, badd, -Vyse-, pavel-nedved, KGB22, MehMeh1, --Selo--, kljuc.
2) new admin  jimmy[1]   
3)Cause of bad descision opf the moderator
4)Didnt brake any rule and none of those players,
Heres the req where we got banned for "comand abuse"
5)This player played mid and lasthited frags, we asked him to gang or help but all he did lasthited frags, after hes triple kill "or hes triple fing steal" we started a votekikc, cause he ruined game by anti teamplay, witch is broken rule.
"Note: DotA is team game, avoiding team fights, pushes, defending and similar in order to lose may be considered as refusing to play." (from rules)
Heres the rule we got banned for :
 "a: Any player can use !votekick command against other player, only if he breaks at least one of the rules above."
He broke rules in my opinion, so why the f did we get ban for? and i want that warn of my a**, that new admin is b****.
6)3 years.

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  • If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong.
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There was no rule broken by him. Stealing (earning a tripple kill) is not against the rules and it would pe absurd to ban someone for that. And I'm pretty sure you also stole some kills once or twice in your dota "career'.
!denied & !locked
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Lasthitting is not Rule Breaking.