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Frequently Asked Questions
« on: October 24, 2012, 15:52 »

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How to play here?

A: You need Warcraft III + Frozen Throne of any version except the 1.0.0, Client v9 and the newest DotA map (DotA v6.85k Allstars.w3x). More details in the wiki

Q: I don't have Warcraft III, where can i get it?

A: You can get it using the official installer. Here is a detailed guide.


Q: I don't want to get banned, where can i find the rules?

A: Here are the Rules

Q: Why i cant join a game hosted by LA bot?

A: Because you are banned, or you don't have the map which LA bot uses, or you aren't using the newest version of GProxy. More details.

Q: How can i host games myself?

A: Here you got the info about How To Host.

Q: Where is the commands list for the LA Bot?

A: Here are the Bot Commands

Q: How to upload custom maps on the LA bot?

A: Here you can request to Upload Custom/Melee maps

Q: How to check if someone is a staff member or not?

A: At forum check the User Title and the LagAbuse Staff-Tree. In game you can type or whisper to "!info <name>" to see if the player is a staff member.


Q: What are the BB-codes I can use on this forum?

A: Here is the BB-code List.

Q: How can I change my forum username?

A: Only members of premium membergroups are able to request a username change, if you are one then pm any admin at forum.

Q: How to become a Moderator/Staff Member?

A: You are welcome to contact the respective Admin/Head Moderator or apply to the Recruitment.

Q: Where can i watch replays of my games?

A: Go to the stats page, type in your nickname and search for the game you want a replay of in your "Ladder Games".

Q: Where can i check my in-game stats?

A: Go to the stats page and type in your nickname to see the stats.

Q: Can i reset or swap my in-game stats?

A: Patreon Supporters, VIP Members, Contributors, Honored Members, Tournament Supporters and Staff Members can ask for stats reset (swapping is only available for Patreons and staff members).

Q: What is karma?

A: Karma is just a "fun" option at forum. You can give to everyone +/- Karma for a good or bad post (Once per hour).

Q: How can I get the awards?

A: Awards are given for winning in GFX Competitions and Tournaments.

Q: How can I get the awards?

A: You have to join Competitions like GFX and Tournaments.

Q: What should i do if LA bot is offline?

A: Just wait, we will make an Announce when it is offline or when it comes back online. Please be patient and don't spam at forum.

Q: What do i do in case of a conflict with one of the Moderators?

A: If its a normal Moderator, contact the Head Moderator or Admin of his section, if its a Head Moderator contact the Admin of his section, if its an Admin contact the Global Admin.

Q: Is there any way to remove my warning % / 'watched!' status at forum?

A: Warning % will be reduced for being helpful and active at forum. Entering one of the premium membergroups may reduce it as well.

Q: What do the !synclimit and !latency commands do?

A: Before using any of them check this topic:  Synclimit And Latency Explained.

Q: Where can i find various tools for Warcraft III, for example hotkey programs?

A: At our Tools Section.

Q: How to customize my forum profile?

A: As first enable the extended view by clicking the arrow in the top right corner on your profile.
Now you see on the left sides all Options you can change. Check our wiki for more details about profile settings.
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