Author Topic: B&U moderator recruitment - recrutation OCTOBER 2012 ended.  (Read 2431 times)

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Hello dear users,
We are hiring for BAN & UNBAN MODERATOR position.

Recrutation will ends with date: 19.10.2012

 - Good English communication skills
 - Well mannered and polite
 - Availability to deal with requests
 - Fair DotA knowledge
 - Understanding of the rules

Things can make you get closer to get hired:

- Clear accounts - forum and server
- Activity on forums and in DotA game
- Experience with B&U requests (creating it in the past)

Things that disqualify you right on the spot:
- Brand new accounts on forum and server
- Excessive ban list and warn list
- Low activity on forum
- Lying about other accounts (be aware, we scan for other accounts every, promising applicant)

If you meet the requirements and wish to apply, please send a personal message with your application to xMan-Y and Astaroth. The message has to include following info and have B&U application as subject:

Code: [Select]
- Name, age, country, occupation
 - Ingame accounts (all you played with at /
 - Gaming history (how long have you played DotA and where have you played)
 - Why do you want to become a mod?
 - Why should we recruit you?
 - Anything else you would like to mention?

Regards. team

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