Chose one option

15 min?
20 min?
 like now 25 min?
ff 15 and 25 with 4 players?
ff 20 and 30 with 4 players?

Author Topic: 15 minutes !ff  (Read 34904 times)

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Re: 15 minutes !ff
« Reply #75 on: April 12, 2013, 21:28 »
well 25 ff fine for me but sometimes when enemy fountain camps(like this one http://lagabuse.com/stats/game/5000149) and some assholes never ffes it sucks in my opinion they dont finish game espiceally when they have heroes like pudge,rylai,tiny(ghost+toss),omni,abddon also getting raped by enemy again and again teaches u nothing.Make system like this if a team(sentinel or scourge) have 15 kills or more then the other team in first 10 minutes ff should be enabled,in first 15 mins if a team have more then 20 kills then the other ff should be enabled.Because in games  like those its %99 decided and some says u can still win true u can maybe after 90 mins(in that 90mins I can play 3 or more games gain psr,learn new things,have fun etc) maybe but why waste time avarage game should be max 45 mins imo longer just boring also in rules it says players must prepare an hour for game so after that let autoban be off so players may leave if they want.

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