Author Topic: ban pls  (Read 64 times)

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ban pls
« on: June 29, 2019, 13:41 »

2-monkeydluffyyy and rodilOse   

3-both of em flamed to me me

4-10:31   rodilOse   [Allies]   gj furion
10:34   rodilOse   [Allies]   motherfucking shit

22:52   lapaci   [All]   merak etme reporttlıcam
keyDluffyyy   [All]   sabah akdar
22:57   hipotalamus   [Allies]   -c
22:57   lapaci   [All]   Bakıcaklar
22:59   MonkeyDluffyyy   [All]   reportla
23:00   MonkeyDluffyyy   [All]   mal oç
23:02   rodilOse   [Allies]   ursa is even worst than furion
23:05   MonkeyDluffyyy   [All]   ward dikmeyi öğrenin
23:09   lapaci   [All]   güzel küfürden banlanırsın po zaman
23:10   MonkeyDluffyyy   [All]   bide git replay izle :D
23:12   Aboubacar   [All]   ward vardi aq ne agladin
23:15   lapaci   [All]   sorun yok

5-just i was suspicious mh on kort and tell him,because there is no ward if he does not have ward i ll repor tu tell to him and he flames me


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Re: ban pls
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2019, 13:03 »
monkeydluffyyy !Warned Family Related Flame

Motherfucker is common flame and isn't bannable,also there was a ward in place before you teleport in there