Author Topic: SOTW #115  (Read 25 times)

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SOTW #115
« on: April 13, 2019, 08:37 pm »
Welcome to SOTW #115!

This time the subject will be: OVERWATCH


- Dimensions of the signature must be max 500x300 (so its a sig), both vertical and horisontal signatures are allowed
- In the vote thread you are only allowed to post your vote and reason (if wanted), everything else will be threated as spam and will be removed
- Save your PSD file , in case someone accuse you of ripping, you we will asked for that PSD
- Post your work here in this topic and attach render/stock image (so others can see before/after effect)

Deadline: 30/04/2019

Winning 1 SOTW

Winning 3 SOTW

Winning 5 SOTW

Winning 10 SOTW

Winning 15 SOTW