Author Topic: Ban Request [spy]  (Read 33 times)

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Ban Request [spy]
« on: July 31, 2018, 02:48 pm »
1: dele
2: [spy]
3: / insulting / family related flame
4: 02:05 [SPY] [All] ursa da ti ebam mater
02:08 [SPY] [All] sega picko edna
02:17 dele [Allies] did he just say
02:18 [SPY] [All] picka ti mater
02:23 dele [Allies] fuckr ur mother?
04:17 [SPY] [All] fuck your mother
04:17 [SPY] [All] 15 akaunti
04:17 [SPY] [All] imam
04:17 DooMCrusheR [All] xD
04:17 marul [All] haha
04:17 M0nty [All] ok ban avoid
04:17 crazyclown. [All] Please wait for me to reconnect (285 seconds remain).
04:17 [SPY] [All] da vi ebam PICKATA MAJCINA
04:17 [SPY] [All] dele pederce edno

game2 lobby chat
01:13 marul sha = spy
01:15 [SHA] haha :D

5: he loses games and curses people 2 games in a row. First game he whispers me "ebam ti mater" I thought I screen shot that but couldn't find the ss later on. next game (this one) he joins and curses when he gives away first blood, then brags about having 15 accounts and doesn't care getting banned. Then he also joined the next game with another account [sha].


game 2;sa=game;gid=6133019 (where the lobby talk took place)

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Re: Ban Request [spy]
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2018, 02:53 pm »
Solved in there,he didn't got any ban with his other accounts for now so not enough for ban yet unless if he broke any rules with his other accounts