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Re: Famous LA Quotes
« Reply #585 on: November 22, 2017, 02:15 am »
Meanwhile in pubs :

78:40   .ralle.   [Allies]   what is silver edge?
78:45   Hiatus   [Allies]   is
78:46   Hiatus   [Allies]   the edge
78:48   Hiatus   [Allies]   made of
78:48   Hiatus   [Allies]   silver
79:02   .ralle.   [Allies]   dont know what item is that
79:21   .ralle.   [Allies]   demon edge?
79:36   .ralle.   [Allies]   rly what item is silver edge?
80:21   .ralle.   [Allies]   still no answer what is silver edge/.

Still living in 6.78 :D