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Music / Special, unique, brand new AntlermanXXL's music thread
« on: September 11, 2018, 08:38 pm »
Hi! I see everyone has his own music thread, so i do!

I wanna start with this decent action packed track:
NOVAH - The Showdown

DotA Discussion / Warming up before gladiators
« on: September 03, 2018, 11:36 pm »
While we are preparing GLADIATORS idea, let`s warm up. We planned to run it at September, but screwed a bit.

I announce the -CM/-CD hosting every 2 day (when it will be possible for me, according to my free time. Nothing stops you to host game yourself too)!

I think, since we got some really comfortable dedicated realm for dota, and having some stylish list only of DotA games (i really like to see such a 'calm' list without any junk maps), and since the map is going to be more DotA2-like, which means it will forces us to fight and such, by rewarding active fights and punishing for too passive gameplay, - i think now we are ready to play some -CD, -CM games.

Teams will be probably total random ( i will have 1-2 friends, maybe; you can call yours, of course).
Let`s learn to play some modern, clean, smart game.

Like, i will host -CM game right NOW for testing purposes, but probably no one will join without being prepared. So, tomorrow i`ll host too. At like this time.
And again - you can host yourself.

Just get the idea, feel it, like it and start playing interesting DotA games! :-)
Get the progression

Offtopic / Turks - is a race now
« on: September 01, 2018, 03:55 pm »
Today is the day of some new interesting facts:
Turks are now having their own dedicated race!

Which means, there are now black, yellow, red, turks and, don`t forged normal people - white.
Good news everyone!

By the way, in that game were playing 4 turks which were not kicked. What a racism towards one person!

Ok, today we learnt something new, thanks for your attention, stay tuned!

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