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Unban requests / unban request
« Last post by trance on September 16, 2019, 07:23 pm »
1. LastMohican-
2. Autoban
3. I don't know what to do, every single day some eror on wa3.. And get out from bnet..
4. I didn't brake any rule, just got problem with sometng, any one help ffs.. ?
5. /
Music / auuu
« Last post by ClaraSchuman on September 16, 2019, 05:48 pm »

Unban requests / Unban request
« Last post by Keba^Kraba on September 16, 2019, 05:20 pm »
1. Dontplayforpsr
2. /
3. AFK
4. Keyboard
5. Well it was all cool until my keyboard stop working... I thought its becouse of batery , i changed it but that didnt help... U can see i was moving araund trieing to fix it but they kicked me ofc
MH Reports / check please!
« Last post by fabricamp3 on September 16, 2019, 01:12 pm »
Please check mortred in wood
i think he had mh,but please check him
how he know im exactly next to him then he use dust,why he didnt use before
PLease check him..
Unban requests / unban request
« Last post by trance on September 16, 2019, 12:04 am »
1. LastMohican-
2. Autoban
3. This is the reason i get ban every day, any 1 help..?
[15-09-2019 23:57:22][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Local player disconnected with error: ECONNRESET
[15-09-2019 23:57:22][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Local socket disconnected due to socket error
[15-09-2019 23:57:22][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Deleting connection
[15-09-2019 23:57:22][AMH][LOG_INFO] EXITED
[15-09-2019 23:57:22][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Shutting down
[15-09-2019 23:57:22][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Shutting down winsock
[15-09-2019 23:57:22][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] GPROXY EXITING
4. Look 3.
5. /
Ban requests / Ban request intexyamd123
« Last post by deadly_empire on September 15, 2019, 09:40 pm »
1 Crna_dronfulja
2 intexyamd123
3 hard family related flame
45:53  [All] Intexyamd123 destroyed the bottom Sentinel melee rax
46:01  [All] Intexyamd123 destroyed the bottom Sentinel ranged rax
46:05 Crna_dronfulja [Allies] hahahaah
46:06 ickov [Allies] l;ol
46:12 Crna_dronfulja [Allies] what a nabv
46:13 ickov [Allies] ODLICAN
46:15 Intexyamd123 [Allies] sta
46:16 Intexyamd123 [Allies] se smejete
46:19 Intexyamd123 [Allies] majku vam jebem
46:21 Intexyamd123 [Allies] u picku svima
46:26 Crna_dronfulja [Allies] ide report
46:28 Crna_dronfulja [Allies] za tebe
46:29 Intexyamd123 [Allies] mama ti je kurva
46:34 Intexyamd123 [Allies] ide ti lurac materi u usta
46:40 Intexyamd123 [Allies] sveti jebem
46:59 Intexyamd123 [Allies] majku vam jebem
47:00 Intexyamd123 [Allies] mutavu

5 Well, typical noob game. We lost due to some bad decisions, and due to lack of wards which resulted in attacking in fog and blind spots where me and my teammates were caught in trap. I spoke them many times while I was on spree, reaching beyond godlike we need wards but no one care. Buy all that time morphling (intexyamd123) was farming up to eternity with 500 hp (his stats telling that he only farm, farm, and that's it, doesn't care what is going on the map) and sentinel made comeback. Situation have reached boiling point after he prove his inability at 46min game time after he took 2 barracks down and attacked kunka who was (we taught) outplayed, but when he needed just one shot more to kill, he made replicate and let him survive. That bad finishing of the fight made some of us laughing after we saw what happened, which resulted in hard family flame as you can see above... I bet he couldn't resist after he realized how dumb he was there. Anyway, we lost, he made another of his family flaming performance and I wrote report as i said to him..... Thank you for you time, and all the best.;sa=game;gid=6220782
Unban requests / Unban Request
« Last post by azlaf on September 15, 2019, 11:58 am »
jimmy u are fucking big dick. unban us or we ll lick your ass;sa=game;gid=6220654
Ban requests / refuse kick afk
« Last post by melih06 on September 14, 2019, 11:38 pm »

afk : nezahualpilli
who refuse kick afk ? : all enemy team

i said them kick we have a afk just 5 times no answer and they was kidding me.;sa=game;gid=6220654
Ban requests / Ban
« Last post by iErnesto94 on September 14, 2019, 11:16 pm »
excessive insulting whole game

10:27   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   omfg
10:30   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   wtf
10:34   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   u stupid?
11:12   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   what a zero mid
14:14   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   tarded f mid
14:15   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   luser
14:24   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   idiot
16:18   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   f shit
17:31   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   f luserr
19:21   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   that tard
25:37   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   fu tard
27:34   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   idiot
27:36   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   mroooon
27:39   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   f tard
27:45   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   f blind bongo
28:05   MyNickIsNik   [All]   bigest pussy
28:57   MyNickIsNik   [All]   t tarded host
29:00   MyNickIsNik   [All]   idiot
29:09   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   idiot
29:25   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   how can be so f retarded tell me
29:53   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   leo pussy
29:55   MyNickIsNik   [All]   GG LEO TARD
31:45   MyNickIsNik   [All]   1 tard mid gg
31:55   MyNickIsNik   [Allies]   f luser;sa=game;gid=6220648

Ban requests / ban
« Last post by melih06 on September 14, 2019, 07:47 pm »


refuse help team mate.

min : 16:50 - 17:00

he refuse help team. and feeding everytime. when i was charging he doesnt use skill to help. also i looked him last game he finished 1-12.;sa=game;gid=6220600
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