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sig material.

Ok Akuma and Deynro.
I wont do what Owner of the Server told me, im gonna do what you told me.
Sorry for the inconvenience

I seriously don't care in what membergroup he is. Already explained why I asked it in first place, got my answer, so no point of continuing discussion about it, and it wasn't meant as an "attack" on you or any admin, so hopefully you didn't take it that way. Deers.


1. I srsly don't know, maybe someone boosted him in top20 ladder last season or it's a mistake by staff or he took someone else's benefit, idk, just assumings

2. First of all, to improve, you have to know your place, your level, to know where you are, they should accept the fact that they are still noobs. If that happens, automatically they can evolve, they will give their interest in that.
Also, when they are failing after failing, dying after dying (in vain), burdening the team after burdening, there will be for sure a toxic person like deynro / borila / god to say something to them (yes, i consider myself toxic and i assume it), instead taking those words as offences, they could take 'em as critics because between ,,mongoloid" ,,dogshit" ,,poor undeveloped being" are advices.

First of all, to improve, you have to know your place, your level, to know where you are, they should accept the fact that they are still noobs.

This would be a good suggestion if server actually had bulk of good players, but the fact is (as well as my point) is that overall skill is quite low. You can't possibly expect noobs to improve when they are playing with other noobs 90% of the time. General is 5th on ladder with 60% win rate so simple math tells us he wins more than he loses even with his skill level, which basically means his skill level is high enough for this server, and that is really really sad part.

territory is Patreon Donor.
Isn't he supposed to be in patreon donators group then, and have his name displayed under "news" and not VIP actually?
I am sorry in advance if I am wrong, this isn't any sort of "attack" on you guys I just found it funny that player such as him share same membergroup with top ladder players. I won't push this any further, I don't care about it, was just intrigued since he is a really bad player, and VIP are supposed to be "good".

I didnt suggest that Lagabuse average player should/could Improve.
Improve,or host noob games and play there.
Choice is on the player

well I considered this a "suggestion to them asking them improve" perhaps I am wrong.

But if i did ,i would most likely suggest that he should play with some people [Deers for example] who would show him new ways to Counter Heroes/Builds , solve situations differently[ Force himself/or ally ,rather than entering Windwalk ].

And don't you think we tried this on various players? Do you know how many of them actually LISTEN and TRY to do something. Also why would we take such players in our team anyway. Most of them don't even understand that playing for fun doesn't need to be about winning.

It is one thing to inquire about Territory's Membergroup, and its different to Require such information.

I didn't require information, nor were you obliged to provide one. I just asked a question. You could've answered as well with "its a private thing" and I would be satisfied with this answer as well. Its not really that I care about his membergroup I just found it funny as I already explained above.
I repeated question 2 times simply because the first time it was ignored.

I don't see how or where he answered my questions, actually none are answered?

1) why is territory VIP?
2) how do you suggest average lagabuse player to improve when he is playing with other bunch of averages? (@Deynro should answer this one as well, since he suggested it)


1 and 2 we can say its correct.

3 - is wrong. If they would play just to "pass time" they wouldn't have to get triggered (which usually ends in some sort of rule breaking) every few games especially when they are losing. They wouldn't care.
Yes sure there are SOME players that could fit this description of yours, but there are much more who simply doesn't.

I'd very much like to hear this expectations of a random lagabuse player improving himself, when 90% of the times he is playing with and against more-or-less equally bad players. Why would territory23 need to improve to beat _general_ they can as well roll for points at the start of the game.

Lets take a look at mister general he is the best example:;sa=game;gid=6246513;sa=game;gid=6246532;sa=game;gid=6246553

So he played same hero 3 times in a row, went exactly same build 3 times in a row, and won all 3 games. In his mind this is a winning combination that brought him very high up the ladder.
Now we all (probably) can agree that general is average lagabuse player the one of these you see in pretty much every game.
How do you suggest to actually improve him when in his mind he is already a winner with unbeatable combination that wins him most of the times against another pack of averages?

The only changes which would be nice are actually getting accounts faster registered, without unnecessary activation (which was dealt with as I read). Make account creation redirection links on this forum as well so people perhaps don't get confused with 2 forums. But the problem that comes with easy registration is massive multiaccounting which can be quite annoying at times.

The psr formula change makes no sense with current players poll, literally whatever you make of it, some clowns will come and think their idea about it was "much better" the fact that some people take these points seriously is just amazing. KDA is absolutely irrelevant and instead of providing some insight about player skill, most people take it completely wrong and play for "stats" and thinking they have a clue about this game after winning a game with some tryharder alch/sk/ursa/mk (whatever else shitty hero comes to mind). People like mara tend to "use" such players to boost their psr (thinking that some + numbers make you a better player)

Offtopic question but I'd like it answered, why is the poster, this territory344 (or whatever) VIP?

At least it's not smileys and banners all around lel.

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yes why no banner?

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Decent screenshot 8/10.

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In 2016, I was saying that you abused the powers of akuma

Agree. The world was never the same after someone abused the powers of akuma in 2016.

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Zvezda 2 10

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All 3 matches 1-1 parlayx10

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Chelsea 1 will add more later

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20:45  Poland - Portugal GG
21:45  Russia - Sweden  1&2-3
20:45  Montenegro - Serbia  2
20:45  Israel - Scotland  2
20:45  Lithuania - Romania  2
20:45  Faroe Islands - Azerbaijan  2

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