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Complaints & Suggestions / Complaint about ksv decision
« on: February 12, 2020, 19:00 »

Basically same thing as in my last complaint, he failed to add sanction even though he wrote about it.;sa=player;sid=1;nick=wendigo

EDIT: Actually he did warn the other guy, but whats the point of warning one guy and not the other one for the exact same thing right?
as you can see no warns there, and he clearly stated he will add some warns.

Complaints & Suggestions / Complaint about ksv decision
« on: February 10, 2020, 16:50 »

1. Ban duration is too low.
2. He failed to warn a player even though he wrote he did.;sa=player;sid=1;nick=[ugt]xhitsux

for comparing sake
Jimmy gave a player 4 days ban and 2 warns which is a good decision.
(I guess that votekick abuse part was just for the sake of pointing out such thing is bannable as well, since writing !votekick once against someone was never a bannable thing, and that full ban length was based on national intolerance.)

Offtopic / Trolling/Spamming recruitment [OPEN]
« on: February 09, 2020, 12:52 »
I've come to realize that this forum has become a bit boring duo to lack of trolls. Forum moderators will soon become jobless duo to the fact that there's no trouble on forum nowadays and we don't want that. Having a forum full of cool guys is no fun, be honest to me now, would you watch a movie if everyone was a good guy?
In the past several years I've had some decent spamming partners here and there who did quite a good job deep trolling (deep trolling = when one troll tells some bullshit and the other partner troll approves that bullshit by pushing the bullshit even deeper which eventually feeds the trolls).

Answer the following questions if you would like to apply for the spam partner position (we will share nudes also wow):

- What do you think about feminism?
- Do you think women should be allowed to drive?
- Why do you want to become a spamming partner?
- Do you have any experience with trolling?
- How much time you are able to spend daily shit-posting on
- Do you know how to get out of situation when you are an obvious troll?
- What would you do if you receive a warning?
a) open new "omg stupid mod" thread
b) PM the mod and flame him
c) send dick pics to jeandarc

Offtopic / Who is GoDDubur?
« on: February 08, 2020, 22:11 »

Complaints & Suggestions / Information request
« on: January 27, 2020, 17:43 »
OK, I got forum banned for 2 days, not quite a big deal, but I would like some explanations from mr @jeandarc  and the rest.

I'll quote mr jeandarc for a moment:
Locking thread - threads where people go offtopic and start to insult others will continue to get locked, whether you like it or not.
I'd like you to point out where my post was insulting anyone, and why did it get locked in this specific thread. It was posted in offtopic section, which is meant for all kind of things. I'd also like to mention that offtopic section has 5 or more pages of unlocked threads most of them being absolutely meaningless, while my got locked.

Deleted threads - threads where you or someone else start insulting someone and get personal with them from the first post will continue to get deleted, whether you like it or not.

I'd like to know what in my deleted thread was insulting (you can answer me via PM if you don't want to post it here) so I know what NOT to post in future.

Getting warned for insulting someone, especially getting personal with them - you will continue to get warned, whether you like it or not.
Why others didn't get warned but I did :( - you insulting someone and their personal life doesn't get excused because someone else did it in the past. If you want them warned/banned you have the freedom to report them, but in no way you can take them as an excuse to continue insulting other people, whether you like it or not.
About removing your warn - the warn rightfully stays, as a matter of fact now that I reread how you insulted Mara, I'm gonna give you another +5 warn points.

Once I get required information from first two questions, I will decide whether I post a massive complaint about other people or not, I want to know what is accepted and what is not accepted here
If your explanation satisfies me I will gladly take in 10 infraction points you given me and I will even apologize about my thread.

Nothing important but a remainder, I am the guy who reworked rules some time ago, things I posted were not a big deal at that specific time, so I am inquiring about possible changes which I am probably not aware about at this moment.

I got 15 warning points for "spam" and I absolutely cannot agree that my post was spam.

I provided detailed information why in my opinion certain feature should be reintroduced.
my opinion could be either right or wrong about this matter (that's not actually important at the moment), but it certainly wasn't a "spam" it was a valid suggestion it wasn't offensive and it was according to forum rules (I even apologized and explained why I opened another topic, as well as asked for merging).
Anyway, suggestions should never be considered a spam, whether they are good or bad, should be open for discussion at least for a while, and people should never get warned for posting a suggestion.

I would obviously want these warn points removed.

I would also like this thread not to be instantly closed until we reach some kind of agreement.

Seriously, twice already?

The Offtopic section is labeled as "unofficial section" so deleting or closing topics there without any explanation makes no sense.

I broke exactly 0 rules by opening these topics. I didn't even use a "bad" word in my topics, and I didn't insult anyone in these topics.
It was Mara who opened this conversation, as well as spamming chat section himself (which is deleted as well) that bought our interest regarding this topic.

So I would like to get the details of closing and even worse deleting my OFFTOPIC threads.


EDIT: You have tons of posts mentioning his mother in other threads, but they are untouched for some reason while mine gets deleted twice.

Complaints & Suggestions / "B&U Team" topic missing? 2
« on: January 25, 2020, 09:52 »
Sorry for opening new topic, but you instantly closed last one without giving a chance for any conversation. Anyway this is a suggestion not a complaint so it should be open for a while and at least hear some opinions, so please don't close this one so fast.

LA staff member list is listed in LagAbuse Staff.
Including all informations regarding it.

I am perfectly aware of this, but I still think it would be good if there was a sticky topic for this specific section.

1) Most of the people who come to visit it, have no clue that "Lagabuse staff" is located in "Announcements" and than you have to scroll around through unimportant things to get to your desired position.

2) "Lagabuse staff" topic tends to be updated less frequent than any "specific" section staff.

3) You already have 3-4 sticky topics that are already included in OTHER sections like:     
(Ingame Rules [Read Before Posting] is located in Rules already)
(B&U moderator recruitment [OPEN] is located in Recruitment section)
and more, I am lazy to copy/paste further. Anyway you keep these sticky in B&U for the same reason I am asking you to return this, its EASIER for people to locate specific important stuff this way, so I see no reason to leave this one out as I consider it very important.

Once again sorry for spamming this, but you gave it no other way. Feel free to merge this topic with last one, and keep it opened for discussion please. Thanks.

Complaints & Suggestions / "B&U Team" topic missing?
« on: January 25, 2020, 09:26 »
Hi guys, I noticed this specific topic missing from sticky topics.

It is good to know who is on this team, who has access to some of the most important features of this server (player related), so my suggestion is to bring this topic back, keep it updated and display proper hierarchy in b&u section. Thanks.

Offtopic / Mara's girlfriend
« on: January 24, 2020, 19:34 »
I have troubles finding this specific topic, so I would like to be updated about this matter. Thanks.

Balkan / Namestanje 1.26 Patcha
« on: September 04, 2018, 11:45 »
 Server sada podrzava dva patcha.
1.26 se koristi za Dotu.
1.28 se koristi za Custom games.

Da bi igrali, Dotu na lagabuse, potrebno je da skinete W3. Mozete sa ovog linka DOWNLOAD W3 1.26
Kada skinete, ekstraktujte gde zelite da vam bude. Podesite game path na loaderu da vam bude ovaj novi skinuti Warcraft, za 1.26 verziju.
 -Ukoliko vec imate 1.26, dovoljno je da pokrenete: installer
-Ukoliko igrate samo CG, a ne dotu, ne treba vam 1.26

** Promene u Lagabuse**
    -novi bot se zove la-dota bot ce se koristiti samo za CG (Custom Games, druge mape osim dote), nalazi se u w3 kanalu
    -stats je resetovan, pocela je nova sezona.
    -Trenutna DotA je 6.88w4 (Instaler ce vam je skinuti sam ukoliko su vam omoguceni automatski updateovi.

Sports Betting / Football Betting game/Season 1/3
« on: June 14, 2018, 05:15 »
World cup is finally here!

All world cup matches are eligible to play so I won't be posting them one by one(I'll update score every 2-3 days) - just make sure you post your bets before each match starts.

(If you are unsure when which match is played just type "Fifa world cup 2018" in google or go to any livescore site.)

You can play parlays: read common's post in "suggestions" topic in case you don't know what this is. (Or you can bet single matches like you did so far).

Good luck!

Sports Betting / Football Betting game/Season 1/2
« on: May 09, 2018, 17:19 »
First post updated with more rules and NEW BETTING OPTIONS.

Matches for today.

20:45       Chelsea   -   Huddersfield         
20:45       Leicester   -   Arsenal         
21:00       Manchester City   -   Brighton         
21:00       Tottenham   -   Newcastle

20:00       Barcelona   -   Villarreal         
21:30       Sevilla   -   Real Madrid

Since I noticed 10 players using this game, lets hear your suggestions and make some improvements.

Please keep suggestions in this topic - and use other topic for bets only.

Sports Betting / Football Betting game
« on: April 04, 2018, 19:07 »
You think your knowledge about football is great?
              The best way to show that knowledge is through betting.
                      Do you think you can guess the outcomes of matches from best leagues correct?
This game is for you.


Football Betting awards:

Making 50 bets in Football Betting

Highest number of credits won with a betting ticket

Winning 1 season of Football Betting

Winning 3 seasons of Football Betting

Winning 5 seasons of Football Betting
Winning 10 seasons of Football Betting

Rules and Regulations:

Every player starts with 200 credits.
If you drop to 0 credits - game is over for you until next month.
Guessing the match outcome correct gives you back double your wager.
Minimum wager is 1 credit and Maximum wager is 10 credits on a single match and parlay(ticket).
I will pick football matches from 5 top european leagues (England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France) as well as European competitons (Champions League, Europa League), as well as National matches (not friendlies) - you can bet only on these matches.
You don't have to bet on ALL the matches I pick, you are free to choose any number you want.
Every bet is individual - there are no systems or combinations.
This game is about outcome so you can bet only on:
1 - home team wins.
x - draw.
2 - away team wins.
Your betting ticket should look like this:
Spoiler for example:
Arsenal - Liverpool  1  [x2 credits]
Barcelona - Real Madrid X [x1 credit]
Milan - Inter 1 [x3 credits]
You can bet on final outcome in a match:
1 or 2 - getting this correct gives you 2x your wager
X - getting this correct gives you 3x your wager

update offered games:

You can bet on goals scored in a match:
0-1 goals, 1-2 goals, 2-3 goals, 3-4 goals, GG(both team score at least 1 goal)
- getting goals correct gives you 2x your wager
3+ (three or more goals in the match) - getting this correct gives you 2x your wager
4+ (four or more goals in the match) - getting this correct gives you 3x your wager
5+ (five or more goals in the match) - getting this correct gives you 4x your wager
7+ (seven or more goals in the match) - getting this correct gives you 15x your wager

You can bet on halftime-fulltime result options are (this basicly means you get correct outcome on both halftime and fulltime)
1-1, 2-2  - getting this correct gives you 4x your wager
X-1, X-2  - getting this correct gives you 5x your wager
X-X  - getting this correct gives you 6x your wager
1-X, 2-X  - getting this correct gives you 10x your wager
1-2 or 2-1 (home team has to win in the first half and away team to be the winner at the end of the match or vice versa)
- getting this correct gives you 30x your wager

Combinations (outcome + goals)
1&2-3 or 2&0-1 or any other combination with 1 or 2 as outcome - gives you 5x your wager,
combinations with X as outcome gives you 6x your wager
3+, 5+, 7+ can not be played in combinations!

updated game type:

You can bet on "Parlay" (ticket) option.
Your betting ticket should look like this:
Spoiler for example:
Arsenal - Liverpool  1 
Barcelona - Real Madrid X
Milan - Inter 1
Parlay x10 credits
which means that your bets are multiples:2x3x2=12 wager
You have to specify which game is in question so that we know how to count them. In which case you have not declared, it will be counted as a single game!!

And another not less important rule:
1 bet for 1 match
it does not matter if it's single or in a parlay

Special offer of the game this season in all matches:

You can bet on limited goals in both halfs:
I1-2&II1-2 (that both teams will score at least one or at most two goals in the half and that both teams will score at least one or at most two goals in the second half) - getting this correct gives you 3x your wager


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