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Title: AR 1v1 Tour [ 03.08.2019. ]
Post by: ClaraSchuman on August 02, 2019, 22:59
1v1 AR Tour
( crew proudly presents official 1v1 AR LagAbuse tournament.

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PSR will be given according to this table :

>1500 --> +20 PSR
>1600 --> +10 PSR
>1700 --> +5 PSR


We will use the check-in system to avoid last minute problems.Players who want to participate in this tour will have to come to LA Tour channel to check-in(sign) 15 minutes before the tour.

CHECK-IN DATE: 03.08.2019 at 20:30 SERVER TIME
TOUR START: 03.08.2019 at 21:00 SERVER TIME

Important Note: It would take around 2 hours to finish this tour but players who come to sign up must have at least time till 22:30 server time

  • Tour Plan:
    1vs1 AR Tour

    1. Map & Modes

    Map : 6.88x8b.w3x

    Mode :
    1on1 - "-aromnp -noneutrals"   => modus bo1 (maybe bo3 depends on tour mods decision)
    2. Items restriction

    - Tranquill Boot is forbidden
    - chicken/crow - bottle.

    You are only allowed to use chicken/crow or bottle. If you buy chicken/crow, you're not allowed to buy bottle. So, if you buy bottle, you're not allowed to buy/use chick/crow anymore.

    3. Remaking game
    If any player gets dropped before 5th minute (and First Blood didn't happen/no tower were destroyed/no Roshan has been killed) the game must be remade. In other cases rmking game depends of arrangement of both teams.

    4. Other rules
    - Each team has got right to do 2 pauses - 3 minutes each.
    - Backdooring is allowed.
    - Blocking creeps is not allowed with spells like Fissure or Sprout when there isn't any enemy hero nearby.
    - Repick is allowed.

    Important Note: All players must have Gproxy on during the tour

    Important rule: We added few new rules for these kind of tours. The games end when:
    -the one player gets first 2kills( e.g. simple 2:0 or 1:1 and then some gets 2nd kill; 2:1=win!)
    -or when 1 tower is destroyed on one side.

    either 2:0 or 2:1, or if 0 kills happened, the tower is destroyed on one side=win too!
Title: Re: AR 1v1 Tour [ 03.08.2019. ]
Post by: ClaraSchuman on August 03, 2019, 22:00
-Cancelled due to lack of participants.